Take nothing, and leave nothing behind.

Respect wildlife and keep your distance from the animals. No matter how cuddly they seem. There will be no touching.

Be local, buy local. Support and patronize local establishments. And try your best to stay away from unimaginative fast food chains.

Seek green enterprises, whether tours or hotels. LEED and GBCI are useful standards. Check green standards of the country you are visiting.

Know thy hosts. Make an effort to learn about the local history, culture of the people of the land you are visiting.

Rent a bike. Or look for public transport. You’ll see more and conserve fuel on your journey!

While hiking, wander as much as you like but stay on established trails.

Leave natural treasures where you found them for others to enjoy.

Recycle: Pack all your trash and take it with you, our oceans and forests needn’t resemble landfills.

Reuse: Use reusable bags for carrying your supplies. Reuse towels and linens at your lodging facilities to save water and energy.