The award-winning French architect Jean Nouvel originally wanted to build the new Concert Hall in Lucerne in the form of a ship, heading directly into the lake. When that proved problematic in practical terms, he decided, “If I can’t go to the water, then the water will come to me.”

The resultant Culture and Convention Centre (KKL Luzern) reflects Nouvel’s philosophy of  Inclusion where the outside comes inside, and the inside goes outside. So water channels lead directly into the building, a roof extends over Lake Lucerne – thus making the idea of Inclusion real.

The height of the overhanging roof decreases against the roof edge to practically zero. This feature resolves the thickness of the steel construction into a thin line. The flat aluminum plates of the view from below reinforce the impression of lightness, as they reflect the waves of the lake and this in turn reflects the roof of the KKL Luzern. Water flows through channels and pools as an intensifying expression of reflection.

The curved outer walls of the Concert Hall are reminiscent of a cello case. The convention area is a transparent cuboid. The façade facing the station is equipped with different lattice structures. The building therefore looks like a bird cage, because from the train station it is possible to see through the lattice structure to the landscape and the sky.

A perfect setting to submerge your soul in music and art, we say.

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