At Ecophiles, we love eco-conscious hotels. But with these one-of-a-kind marvels, we’ve found locales so special that visiting them will make your footprint go a bright shade of green.

Dangle on a mountainside in a clear capsule

Located in the sacred valley of Cuzco in Peru, the Skylodge Adventure Suites has all the feel of a space pod landed atop a 1200 ft mountain.

Hand crafted with aerospace aluminum and polycarbonate, three cliff-side capsule suites grant a 300 degree view of the stunning Cuzco Valley and a brilliant starlit sky. Each capsule is large enough to accommodate beds, a dining area and a private bathroom.

An exceptional experience for the adventurous among us — visitors must climb 400 mt of Via Ferrata, or take a zipline trek, gliding over the magnificent valley to get there.

So gear up and climb down the hatch to live your high-altitude sci-fi dream.

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Peru-Skylodge Suites-pods - 1024 x 576

Photos: Courtesy of Natura Vive


Eco Camp in style

If it’s an authentic EcoCamping experience you’re after, head to Chile’s Torres Del Paine National Park at the foot of the magnificent granite spires. The EcoCamp Patagonia, comprising of 25 Geodesic Domes, is inspired by the region’s ancient nomadic Kaweskar inhabitants.

EcoCampers can go hiking, kayaking, horseback riding, fly-fishing, cycling and visit glaciers by day and gaze up at the sky while in their domes at night. With community domes for socializing, Chilean restaurants, bars, libraries, and even yoga — this camp has got your needs covered.

Committed to sustainability, EcoCamp minimizes the footprint of its visitors with its low impact designs, solar and hydro power and efficient thermally insulated domes. While you’re there, consider one of the wildlife safaris and adventure tours.

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Photos: Courtesy of Cascada Travels


Live in an Eco Bubble

Imagine sleeping under the starry night sky while cocooned inside a cozy bubble. France‘s Attrap’Rêves transparent bubble hotel has made your fantasy a reality. Designed with recyclable materials, these low-impact bubbles provide you with comfort, privacy and oneness with nature like no other. The bubbles come with private facilities, telescopes and star charts for all you astronomy geeks.

With 18 bubbles across five sites, these cocoons offer a perfect blend of isolation and immersion. There are luxury options like private Jacuzzis for those who want to camp in style. Living in a bubble never sounded so good.

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Photos: Courtesy of Attrap’Rêves


Hang in a spherical treehouse

Set in the tall trees of the rainforest at Vancouver Island, Canada, the handcrafted Free Spirit Spheres grant a spiritual haven to nature lovers.

Fabricated as treehouses built with sailboat technology, these ingenious creations offer a oneness with the ecosystem of the rainforest, and the bio-mimicking design elements yield a rare immersive eco-experience. Each sphere is suspended like a pendant using ropes attached to multiple tree tops — well anchored, its motion is muted — rocking you gently to sleep. The spheres have separate sitting and sleeping areas along with other amenities.

Like a pumpkin home created by forest fairies, this blissful and magical experience is sure to re-awaken your spirit.

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Photos: Courtesy of Tom Chudleigh and Guy Soulliere


Lounge on a train by the beach

Only 30 metres from the sea, on the Indian Ocean side of Cape Town, South Africa, lies the Santos Express hotel known simply as “the train” by locals. This unique establishment combines the stunning location of the blue flag labeled Santos beach with the awesome experience of sleeping in a first class train cabin.

The Santos Express comprises of five decommissioned coaches and two vintage wooden ones from the South African railways — all suitably spruced up. With budget and luxury compartments, exquisite views of the ocean, seafood galore, and the pristine beach as your backyard, this train journey is your destination.

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Photos: Courtesy of Santos Express

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