If you’re planning a trip to Brazil, a lovely detour to take in Salvador is the upmarket beach village of Praia do Forte. The village lies 60 kms north of Salvador (daily buses run from here to the village) on the Coconut Tree Coast. Photographer Adrien Gallo captures the relaxed vibe and rhythms of Praia do Forte.Praia do Forte

Alameda do Sol, the pedestrian walkway to the beach, is lined with attractive shops and restaurants. It will also take you to the tiny, pretty church that is the landmark of Praia do Forte.

Church, Praia do Forte

Praia do Forte is known for its turtle reserve, Tamar Project station. The NGO Tamar, designed to protect endangered sea turtles, has been an excellent eco-tourism success story. The base is open year long and in the summer, you can watch the newly hatched turtles race to the sea.

turtle at Project Tamar, Praia do Forte

The pioneering Tamar Project has been very effective as it works with local communities including the fishing community for maximum impact.

TAMAR, Praia do Forte

Snorkelling and sunsets – there’s no better location for those than Praia de Forte. Or you can go parasailing for stunning, panoramic views of the Brazilian coast.

beach, Praia de Forte

Whether you’re a green traveller looking out for the magnificent turtles or a beach bum, Praia do Forte has something for all tastes. Soak in the sun, relish the local recipes, spend some cozy time here in an ecoresort – the natural charm of the beach village will work its magic.