Turning the tree house concept on it’s head, the Treehotel in Harads, Sweden melds your childhoos fantasies with eco-conscious concepts. The outcome — a harmony with unspoiled nature, in comfort and style.

Six treerooms, designed by some of Scandinavia’s leading architects, are suspended 4-6 meters above ground in the tall pine forest, all with spectacular views of the Lule River. With sustainability and minimal impact on the environment in mind — the rooms have been built on live trees with eco outdoor wood floor, minus the chemicals. The treerooms have good insulation, underfloor heating, electricity supplied locally from green hydroelectric power, low-energy LED-system lights, environmentally-friendly combustion toilets and water-efficient sinks. Now that’s some serious green!

Each room is unique, not only in its concept, architecture but also interiors are custom designed. The rooms vary in size between 15-30 m², with the largest rooms accommodating up to four people.

The Mirrorcube

This cube knows all about being one with nature. Camouflaged by reflective glass that mirrors its surroundings, this treeroom is built with aluminum frame set around the tree trunk. Melding with the trees in the pine forest, this 4x4x4 cube is accessible by a 12-meter long bridge. With windows on each surface, a stunning view of the panoramic valley can be enjoyed.

Swedish Treehotel-MirrorCube-summer - 1024 x 683

The Bird’s nest

Want to live the bird’s life? This treeroom’s exterior is built like a gigantic bird’s nest, while its interior is a spacious environment for a family with children to comfortably spread out. Blending perfectly in the pine forest, this room is clad with wooden panels, opens discreet windows and is accessible with the help of a retractable staircase.

Swedish Treehotel-birds_nest_exterior_2 - 1024 x 683


The UFO room is a scifi lover’s dream come true. Cast in durable composite material to create a light, yet strong and sustainable design. This spaceship is built for five people with classic round porthole windows that complete the illusion of a UFO landing among the pine trees in the forest.

Swedish Treehotel-ufo_exterior3_ - 1024 x 683

The Cabin

This treeroom’s is perched over a sharp hillside. You can reach the room via a horizontal bridge among the trees, where the tree house is suspended from the deck. The Cabin is like a capsule, hidden among the trees, overlooking the beautiful Lule River valley below.

Swedish Treehotel-cabin_exterior_4 - 1024 x 683

The Blue Cone

The room, a red colored cone oddly named Blue Cone, is a traditional wooden structure with three foundations in the ground to give a sense of height and lightness, but also stability.

With childlike designed exterior and spacious interiors, the cone is accessible via a bridge from the nearby mountain, it is well suited for people with disabilities.

Swedish Treehotel-blue_cone_exterior_22 - 1024 x 683

The Dragonfly

The largest of treerooms, the Dragonfly can function both as a conference space as well as private suite for two couples or a family. It is built out of wood, with an exterior of sheet metal, turning rust-brown to blend in with the forest. Its big panoramic windows offer a magnificent view of the valley.

Swedish Treehotel-dragon-extrerior3a - 1024 x 683

When to go-

In winter, enjoy an action-packed dog sled ride through the frozen landscape, or pursue the magic of the northern lights.

Hike the forest or or mountainbike down the valley in lush green summer,

In fall, enjoy the spectacular colors while paddling a kayak along the Lule River. There’s fishing all year around.

With a cute 1950s setting restaurant, bar, two sauna tree buildings and a relaxation area, living in nature, never felt so good.

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