Our partners David and Phil at Eco Sapien have shared this wonderful video with us about British Wildlife. Warning: you’ll fall in love with the seals! Here’s a little story behind the video:

This video is part of a new playlist exploring the importance of British Wildlife. The idea for this playlist from a conversation Phil had when exploring the West Coast of Canada. While annoying some marine life with a go pro, Phil met a fellow friendly photographer. When they found out he worked in wildlife conservation in the UK, they laughed and said, “What do you have in the UK that’s worth conserving?”

Obviously we don’t have any charismatic big carnivores, like bears and wolves, that capture the public’s imagination. And under pressure Phil struggled to come up with anyone that someone from another country might consider “worth conserving”. To write off an entire nation’s biodiversity as unimportant seemed a terrible shame.

And what do people who live in the UK actually think about their wildlife – do we all look with envious eyes at lions and tigers of other countries. Are we actually ashamed of biodiversity on our shores? Well, we aim to change that, using the classic Eco Sapien blend of scientific evidence, talking to those in the know and pointing a camera at everything that moves.

Videos in our new playlist will examine the importance of British Wildlife on a national and international scale. In the first episode, David ventures to the Lincolnshire coast to mull over the answer in the company of grey seals. Enjoy!’

To see more, check out Eco Sapien’s Youtube channel or log on to www.ecosapien.org.