It’s time for all of us to stop and think about the impact of our eating habits on our health — and the health of the planet. Animal agriculture in particular leaves a huge mark on the environment: from water pollution to deforestation to climate change. But the good news is that our everyday choices about the food we eat help change this system.

Whether you are trying out a plant-based diet for the first time or you eat meat-free every day, these recipes from Greenpeace Mexico and Greenpeace ship chef Daniel Bravo Garibi are sure to add some flavor to your normal kitchen routine!

1. Portobello and quinoa veggie burgers


Check out the written recipe below, along with some tasty toppings to try!

receta hamburguesa


2. Lentil ceviche

Lentil Ceviche

Check out the written recipe below!



3. Purslane salad with citrus vinaigrette

Purslane salad with citrus vinaigrette

Check out the written recipe below!


Is your mouth watering yet? Don’t worry — you don’t have to wait for World Meat Free Day to test out these dishes, or to pledge to change our broken food system.

Let us know how the recipes worked in the comments, and share plant-based recipes of your own.

About Chef Daniel Bravo Garibi

Chef Daniel’s mission is to show to the world that by changing our food habits, our purchasing and our nutrition, we can bring pride to farmers and create a healthier, more equal society — and planet.

He first joined Greenpeace in 2003 as a volunteer and activist, and has done everything from climb an oil platform in Sicily to drive boats in the Arctic. Now as a cook on the Greenpeace ships, he works for more sustainable food procurement and a healthier and more environmentally diet on-board. He has even helped create a guide on how to purchase more sustainable products and to reduce meat consumption!

This story originally appeared on the Greenpeace blog, here.