At Ecophiles, we love quirky ecohotels – and these pop-up pods in secret locations in Wales sound intriguing. Also, Wales is one of our favourite places for green travel! Epic Retreats celebrates ‘Year of Legends 2017’ in Wales by offering an unusual way to experience the prettiest Welsh landscapes. Less than 200 bookings are on offer for spending the night in one of eight bespoke cabins, designed for the project. 

Themed on Welsh mythology, tradition and beauty, the boutique glamping pods are inspired by the legends of Wales. Welsh experiences include beer tasting to having meals conjured up by Welsh chefs.

Two of the chosen designers are from Wales – Aberystwyth-based Timber Design Wales is creating the pod inspired by the dragon’s eye. And Newcastle Emlyn’s Rural Office for Architecture Ltd’s cabin is inspired by a Welsh woman’s hat  – with a domed roof for stargazing. 

Epic Retreats: Wales has the highest percentage of sky designated as an ‘International Dark Sky’ area making it one of the most outstanding places in the world to stargaze.

Wales has the highest percentage of sky designated as an ‘International Dark Sky’ area making it one of the most outstanding places in the world to stargaze

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Check out the Epic Retreats cabins or pods from Wales’s first luxury pop-up glamping hotel:

Arthur’s Cave

The inspiration for this design is King Arthur and a cave where he and his knights slept while travelling – apparently it could be discovered once but never again.

Epic Retreats Arthur's Cave

Sky Hut

Legend has it that travellers sleeping under the night sky in Cadair Idris mountain wake up as madmen or poets. The roof opens up fully and this could be your personal glamping observatory!

Epic Retreats sky hut

Black Hat

A domed roof for stargazing? Sounds heavenly.

Inspired by France’s failed attempt of a British invasion through Fishguard in 1797. Apparently, local Welsh women appeared in goodish numbers to witness the fighting. Garbed in traditional scarlet tunics and tall black hats, from afar the women may have been mistaken for British army Redcoats – Well, in short, the French weren’t around much longer. 


Epic Retreats Black hat

Cabin in the Woods

This nature-inspired structure explores the idea of the ‘animated forest’ shaping the Welsh landscape. Inspired by the poem Cad Goddeu (‘battle of the trees’), from the medieval Welsh “Book of Taliesin” the cabin will give the illusion of movement. 

Epic Retreats cabin in the woods

Dragon’s Eye

Inspired by the legend that is the Welsh dragon, the walls of this eye-shaped pod will be covered with recycled plastic shaped as dragon’s scales. 

Epic Retreats Dragon's Eye

Little Dragon

The three prongs represent the dragon’s foot, the overall design is inspired by Wales’s industrial past and the steel door shows off the iconic Celtic knotwork. Climb up for a good night’s sleep and get sweeping views of the Welsh landscape.

Miner’s Hut

This cabin is a tribute to the Welsh mining industry. You crawl through a small tunnel to reach a corridor only lit by borrowed light. The main area features huge windows offering brilliant views. Steep steps lead to your bedroom – where again, there are superb views.

Epic Retreats Miner's Hut

Slate Cabin

This cabin is based on the material Wales is built on, and of – slate. 

Epic Retreats Slate Cabin

To find out where the cabins will pop up, visit


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