Holi, also known as the festival of colors, sees people spending the day out in the streets smearing colored powder all over each other’s faces, throwing colored water at each other, dancing under water sprinklers, and lighting bonfires. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be in India to join in on all the color run fun – in recent years, this joyous, colorful holiday has spread and is now being celebrated in many places around the globe!

Holi is a Hindu festival celebrated in India to signify the arrival of spring, the end of winter, and also to celebrate the victory of good over evil. Here’s where you can take part in a color run to celebrate Holi outside India:

Holi colors

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While there are festival organizers across the country organizing their own Holi celebrations for the folks in their area, another way to celebrate in the colorful fun would be participating in The Color Run. The 5K is held in the U.S. across various locations, and was created a few years ago to bring in a happier, and more colorful experience by blasting the runners with the bright colors as they run, leaving everyone at the finish line completely colored as they would at any Holi celebration! Psst, they even award a Unicorn medal!

Festival of Colors is also a huge event across the U.S. which offers non stop live music from great bands, yoga, mantras, dance, cuisine, and the throwing of colors!

The Color Run

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The Canadian version of Holi is much tamer than the one celebrated in India. Most events feature squirt-guns that shoot out colored water, but of course colored powder is a staple at the event. Toronto’s Woodbine Beach is definitely a Holi hotspot to check out, as well as Vancouver’s Holi Colourfest event which promises colors, music, vendors, food, kid-friendly activities, and tons of fun!

Holi in Canada

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Indians are the second largest ethnic minority in the country, so this holiday’s fun does not go missed! The celebration is most noticeable in the large cities of London, Manchester, and Leicester, where there are large parades, spray cans, and of course color!

Festival of Colors also puts on a celebration for Holi in the U.K., most often in London’s Wembley Park. Guests can anticipate food, drinks, fun, pictures, and lots of fun!

The Color Obstacle Rush is another tempting vibrant affair – the only one with 20 obstacles, 8 colour stations, 25 music zones, foam and more.

Holi U.K.

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Several events are organized all over in Australia where people play with colors. Most of the people on this day dress in all-white clothes and attend events where they hurl colors on each other. Melbourne is one location that specifically organizes large Holi events. The Color Run is also a hit in this country as well!

Holi Australia

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The Color Run Australia

Photo: Chris Phutully via Wikimedia Commons

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