At Gustaso, renowned pizza master Chef Giulio has curated a vast menu that will have you on an Italian excursion with every savory bite. As a winner of four pizza world championships with three New York City restaurants devoted to his signature Neapolitan pizza, it’s clear Chef Giulio knows his way around flavor. In fact, Time Out New York chose Chef Giulio’s signature pizza, the Montanara, with their 2012 Reader’s Choice Award for Best Pizza. Here he shares his favorite Italian recipe with us.

With this Italian recipe, Chef Giulio says that he hopes to evoke, “A combination of tastes, flavors and smells that overwhelms you in every bite. Intense aroma of truffle to the crunchiness of pine nuts. The toughness of the pepper to the intense flavor of saffron. The softness of Ricotta, the acidity of red onions marinated in vinegar. The softness of mushrooms, the scents of our Earth. All ingredients are minimally processed so as not to miss any flavor or original and unique scent. A dish that brings within itself all the flavors, aromas and memories of my land Italy. Gusti let the world know that I love all, from the classics have more modern.”

Check out this delectable recipe, promising everything from the powerful aroma of truffle to the subtle crunch of pine nuts. If you want to experience all the flavors Italy has to offer in one bite, look no further.


Red Pepper – 2 small

Mushroom – 4 small

Pine Nuts – 3 gr

Avocado – 10 gr

Saffron – 0,05 gr

Ricotta – 20 gr

Chives – 3 gr

Thyme – 3 gr

Garlic – 2

Milk – 15 ml

Cream – 15 ml

Red Onion – 20 gr

Sugar – 30 gr

Salt – 2 gr

Pepper – 2 gr

Butter – 15 gr

White Wine – 15 gr

Oil Extra Virgin – 30 gr

Truffle Oil – 5 gr

Hot Water – 5oo ml

Cool Water – 100 ml

my land on plate recipe

Photo via Gustoso


1. Cut the red peppers into julienne strips, making sure to cut all the same length and the same thickness for uniform cooking later.

2. Blanch the red peppers in boiling water for 3 minutes. Three minutes passed quickly cool by soaking peppers in cold water and ice.

3. Skip-fried peppers with garlic oil. Add salt and pepper. Deglaze with the white wine. Add the butter in a pan, but the fire is out.

4. Bake in a pan with garlic and thyme oil, quickly mushrooms, which were cut into 4 pieces previously. Add salt and pepper.

5. Cut the red onion into julienne strips and soak in cold water and sugar.

6. Toast the pine nuts and grated.

7. Mix the milk into the cream. Bring to a boil on the stove. Took the boil turn off the heat and add the saffron. When it will have taken the yellow pass it through a sieve and add the ricotta and salt.

Sauce Ready.

8. Cut the avocado into cubes.

9. Ready all the ingredients, take a bowl and mix the red peppers and avocado, diced 2 taking off for garnish.

10. Arrange the plate with basic red peppers and avocados. Arrange the mushrooms, red onions and avocado over the peppers and mix with the ricotta and saffron sauce. Sprinkle grated pine nuts and chives. Add a few drops of truffle oil.

11. Enjoy!


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