The winner of the UN World Wildlife Day photo contest was announced and the job of the judges was hardly enviable – for the finalists offered absolute stunners. The theme of the photography competition was “Through young eyes”, which encourages young individuals aged 10 to 24 from across the globe to submit their photos of wildlife.

CITES hopes this competition will help young people engage in the wildlife conservation dialogue and to empower them to become champions of wildlife. More than 500 entries from every continent flowed in, and a distinguished judging panel was tasked with picking the winner.

Gàbor Li, a 17-year- old high school student, won the competition with his photo titled‘the Blue Diamond’.  An early starter, Gàbor first started taking photographs when he was 7. His passion for photography grew through his teenage years. From his photography collection, it is easy to see his love of nature and wildlife!

CITES Secretary-General, John E. Scanlon, said, “Gàbor’s photograph shows a good eye for detail and an obvious talent for photography. We are deeply encouraged by his interest in wildlife photography from such a young age and his commitment to celebrating the many beautiful and unique forms of wildlife. The photo competition was aimed to motivate and galvanize the youth to take action to protect wildlife from the threat of extinction and Gàbor’s photo is an inspiration to all of us.”

Winner – World Wildlife Day Contest: ‘The Blue Diamond’- Gàbor Li

Gàbor Li, Hungary / CITES

Photo: Gàbor Li, Hungary / WWD2017


Heavy bodied Jumping Spider

Md Rashuidul Rabby, Bangladesh CITES

Photo: Md Rashuidul Rabby, Bangladesh, 23 /WWD2017

African Lion

Damaris Lopez Zamora, El Salvador CITES

Photo: Damaris Lopez Zamora, El Salvador, 20 / WWD2017

Rhesus Macaques

Swaroop Singha Roy, India CITES

Photo: Swaroop Singha Roy, India, 22 / WWD2017

Northern Potoo

Jorge Figueroa, Mexico / CITES

Photo: Jorge Figueroa, Mexico, 24 / WWD2017

Wire-tailed Swallow

Ali Javed, Pakistan CITES

Photo: Ali Javed, Pakistan, 24 / WWD2017

Group of Crane Flies

Breech Asher Harani, Philippines CITES

Photo: Breech Asher Harani, Philippines, 24 /WWD2017

African flap-necked chameleon

Samson Moyo, South Africa / CITES

Photo: Samson Moyo, South Africa, 19 / WWD2017


Nathan Horrenberger, Switzerland CITES

Photo: Nathan Horrenberger, Switzerland, 23 / WWD2017

Confusing Bumblebee

Gabriel Best, United States of America CITES

Photo: Gabriel Best, United States of America / WWD2017

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