If you’re looking for a sustainable answer to fast fashion, look no further than a capsule wardrobe. Simple, easy, and stylish, the capsule wardrobe can work for anyone in any industry of any gender. If you’re looking to reject the waste of fast fashion and find a more sustainable route, check out the following tips on how to create and maintain a capsule wardrobe.

What is a capsule wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is small, carefully curated collection of clothing and accessories that is meant to be mixed and matched. The number of pieces in the collection varies from person to person, but usually hovers around 30 to 40, including accessories and outerwear. Some stick to the true nature of the capsule wardrobe, wearing only a select few clothing items year round, while others renew their wardrobe season to season with new pieces.

Why is a capsule wardrobe better?

Living life this way focuses on consuming less and living a minimalistic lifestyle, perfect for those who hope to do the earth some good. Not only is it better for the environment, it’s better for your wallet, as you will be consuming less if you buy only what you need. Similarly, this takes the stress out of getting dressed every day and allows you to focus on more important things like honing your creativity or something as simple as whats for breakfast.

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How do I start a capsule wardrobe?

To begin a capsule wardrobe, you want to follow these simple steps:

Donate, give away, or sell each clothing item you don’t need

Be honest with yourself, do you really need that dress, tie, or pair of shoes that you wore once and is now gathering dust in the back of your closet? You probably don’t, so there’s no use keeping it around. A great way to actively see which clothing items you use and don’t use is to turn all hangers in your closet the opposite way, so that the hooks open facing you. When you wear a piece of clothing, you can place the hanger back in the closet the proper way. At the end of a month, take a look at the clothing on hangers still facing backwards, and strongly consider donating them.

Keep things minimalistic

Focus on neutral, basic items. Avoid flashy patterns, as they will be harder to coordinate with the rest of your wardrobe. Aim for solid colors, as well as simple stripes or plaids. Denim is a great neutral to bring outfits together in a casual way.

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Only buy what you need

With a capsule wardrobe, you only acquire what is necessary. For example, one simple black belt will do the job, as opposed to multiple belts in multiple patterns. Similarly, a basic watch will tell you the time, there is no need to own multiples.

Choose a color palette and stick to it

Black and white is the easiest, with pops of color added through accessories. If black and white doesn’t suit your fancy, aim for neutrals and earth tones to keep clothing items easy to find, easy to mix and match, and easy to wear.

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