High flying cameras have revolutionized photography in the last year or two. Aerial photography enables you to capture unique viewpoints of nature and give any amateur the tool needed to capture spectacular photos.

Recently the cost of getting a camera into the air for some unforgettable photography has dropped dramatically. Due to the accessibility factor, anyone can pick up a drone and take “flight” to capture breathtaking photos (with care, of course!). The advantage of aerial photography is that it gives you complete freedom. No worrying about being in the right spot at just the right moment! Drones are unique in the sense that they can take your photography to the next level, pun intended.

With this medium, you are unlocking a completely new way to see the world, and you have a new way to convey an idea or evoke an emotion through your photography. Here are some epic nature shots in our collection of best drone photos.

Heart Lake, Washington

Heart Lake in the Seven Lakes Basin area may be the most romantic. In fact, it is the only Washington camping area to make the Wilderness Society’s top 10 romantic nature outings. You can hike there on High Divide Trail, enjoy old-growth forests and perhaps catch a glimpse of a black bear or Roosevelt elk. This is nature photography at its most stunning!

drone skypixel 81d2-24 aerial photography - best drone photos nature

Heart Lake. Photo: 81d2-24 / Skypixel

Shark Bay, Western Australia

Western Australia is bounded by the Indian Ocean to the north and west. It is home to around 540 species of birds. During March to July is shark season and on the West Coastal Highway is Shark Bay where you can catch a glance at the Great White shark.

best drone photos western australia

Photo: Inflight Imagery/ Skypixel

Nusa Dua, Bali

Surfer girls making the most of their time in Nusa Dua, Bali! Nusa Dua is an idyllic destination for honeymooners and families with its white sand beaches, cliff-top temple and a gorgeous bay to swim and snorkel in!

nusa dua bali best drone photos

Photo: Didit Majalolo/ Skypixel

North Curl Curl Rock Pool, Sydney

North Curl Curl is a suburb in northern Sydney, in the state of New South Wales, Australia. The name Curl Curl Lagoon came from the Manly Lagoon, which empties into the ocean at Queenscliff.

tony.ga Skypixel drone nature South Wales

Photo: tony.ga / Skypixel

Icebergs Antarctica

Icebergs in a sea of ice that surrounds the Antarctic continent in the Ross Sea. Antarctica, on average, is the coldest, driest continent. For comparison, Antarctica is near twice the size of Australia and about 98% of Antarctica is covered by ice that averages 1.9 km in thickness. Insanely cool photography, to say the least!

Scott Portelli Skypixel Antartica nature drone

Photo: Scott Portelli / Skypixel

Rock pool, Australia

A swimmer goes for a solo evening swim under the setting sun in Australia as the waves crash up onto the rocks. This is one of hundreds of rock pools that are scattered along the coast of Australia. This one though has a particular uniqueness to it when looked from above.

australia rock pools

Photo: Luxlusive/ Skypixel

Rome, Italy

Spring is coming in Castelli Romani, Rome, Italy. With hills and volcanic lakes near Rome, the Colli Albani and their 13 towns are together known as the Castelli Romani. Lends itself quite naturally to stunning aerial photography.

Photo: Mauro Pagliai/ Skypixel

The Border, Iceland

Flying over the border of the Fjallsárlón Jökull in Iceland during sunrise. Fjallsárlón Jökull means glacier lagoon. Sublime, photography indeed!


Photo: Stefan Forster/ Skypixel

Le Chaudron d’Or, Reunion Island

Meeting between Reunion Island volcano erupting and a rainbow. The Irish legend goes that there is a cauldron full of gold at the end of a rainbow…

Reunion island drone skypixel Charly Chapelet aerial photography Reunion Island

Photo: Charly Chapelet / Skypixel

Grenoble, France

Grenoble is regarded as the capital of the French Alps. The French city is surrounded by mountains. To the north lies the Chartreuse, to the south and west the Vercors, and to the east the Belledonne range. Perfect for nature photography!

Root's Skypixel Grenoble drone nature aerial photography

Photo: Root’s / Skypixel

Photography seen here with permission from Skypixel.

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