Everyone loves a great cup of tea now and then, but did you know that the leaves in your cup may have more uses and benefits than you realized? Take a trip around the world to learn about various uses, nutrients, and flavors you can experience.

Japan – Matcha

A form of green tea ground into a fine powder, matcha is a delicious treat plain or in the form of a latte. Higher grades of matcha are used in gorgeous tea ceremonies in both China and Japan, an act during which great care is taken. In these ceremonies, the tea is prepared with a traditional whisk and served warm as it has been for centuries.

Matcha Tea Hack

Filled with powerful antioxidants, matcha can also be used in baking – try adding the powder as a garnish on your favorite dessert or mixing a few spoonfuls into cake or cookie batter for a unique flavor.

japanese matcha

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The UK – English Breakfast

The perfect brew to wake you up in the morning, English breakfast has a bold flavor as well as caffeine to give you an energy kick. Known as the traditional tea in England as well as utilized during high tea and similar happenings, you can never go wrong with this simple but robust black tea.

English Breakfast Tea Hack

Did you know that black tea can also double as a treatment for hair breakage? Simply brew two to three tea bags, allow to cool, and place in a spray bottle do evenly distribute amongst your tresses. Let it sit for up to half an hour. Use weekly until the breakage subsides.

english breakfast tea

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India – Masala Chai

Packed to the brim with flavor, chai is a staple in India. Walking through the streets will prompt the intense smell of some of the quintessential spices – such as cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, and black pepper. Often served in clay cups to locals, a sip of this flavorful brew will transport you to Asia.

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Also great in adding flavor to baked goods, try grinding the tea and spices into a powder and adding it to a dessert, such as french macarons, or use it to add spice to a plain buttercream. Chai can also be blended with milk into a delicious latte.

Photo by Satish Krishnamurthy via Flickr

Morocco – Spearmint

Brewed strong and served sweet, Morocco is famous for it’s spearmint tea. Typically poured from two to three feet above delicate glass cups to give it a frothy texture, spearmint tea is also useful for a variety of health issues.

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Once you’ve steeped and strained the tea a grand total of four (yes, four) times, you can enjoy health benefits such as aiding in digestion, providing relief from the common cold, and reduced headaches. It’s been said that the herb can even provide stress relief, so drink up!

moroccan tea

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Argentina – Yerba Mate

Looking to replace your daily coffee habit? Look no further than yerba mate, that is more than just caffeine and a good taste. Brewed from a plant known as the evergreen holly, native to South America, this unique drink is often used in social events. If you’re looking to bond with your loved ones, break out the tea pot!

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If you’re also hoping for liquid health in a hot steamy cup, look no further. Providing an increase in energy, as well as quite a few vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, this powerful little leaf will leave you licking your lips and feeling great.

tea latte

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South Africa – Rooibos

Found exclusively in South Africa, rooibos is a robust red brew that has a number of benefits that rival green tea. Full of antioxidants and nutrients with the added bonus of no caffeine, feel free to sip to your heart’s content.

Rooibos to the rescue

Did you know that this wonderful drink is also fantastic for your skin? Not only will drinking it fight acne, but applying it topically in a cream or scrub can also help with obtaining a stunning youthful glow.


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