Hotel Review: Iconic Santorini Luxury Boutique Cave Hotel

If you’re looking for a unique experience when you travel to Santorini, you want a stay with a difference and an unforgettable view. With the caldera spread out before you as far as the eye can see, Iconic Santorini effortlessly exudes seductive charm and romance. We were quite keen on the authentic Santorini cave experience and instantly fell under its spell.


Imerovigli village is perched on the highest point on the caldera rim, offering sweeping views of the island. It’s an excellent base for going off to Oia, Fira, beaches, and vineyards. Against this backdrop, the Greek-style cave residences carved into the historic caldera cliffs cascade prettily over five levels. It became our private sanctuary during our stay to escape the heat and crowds – every day should begin and end with a view like this!

Dedicated Terrace Views Iconic Santorini

Dedicated Terrace Views

Romance is in the air

The Caldera suite of this whitewashed retreat was cozy and inviting, furnished in warm tones with an elegant finish. We could instantly feel the stress of a hectic sight-seeing in Athens drain out after a warm welcome from the lovely team at Iconic Santorini.

Cycladic Suite - Lounge & Views

Cycladic Suite – Lounge & Views

Greek hospitality is world famous and you will experience it at its most fine-tuned here. The team is most helpful but also maintain a discreet distance to allow for complete privacy. In fact, it’s rare that you will have an immediate neighbour – this concept of personal space is inherent to their vision for creating a seductive, luxurious space.

The residences have different features like private sun beds and grotto pools with your own space on the sea-front balconies. There’s even an inviting pool carved into the rock. We loved cozying up on our sunbeds with a glass of wine – it was as idyllic as it gets!

In this intimate cocoon, it’s easy to reconnect with your partner, recharge your batteries and just reconnect with yourself.

Iconic Santorini pool view

A pool with a view!

Pampered to the hilt

Treat yourself a bit and there’s no better way to do that than a little spa time at Iconic Santorini. As for the food, the chef at the cave hotel’s Pergola restaurant follows no fixed menu and uses fresh seasonal produce for his meals. He whipped up the best sea food risotto we have eaten served with local wines and cheese and we were in heaven!

Pergola Restaurant Iconic Santorini

Pergola Restaurant

There was meticulous attention to detail with the entire experience – hospitality, decor, cleanliness, food and even little things like leaving a wrap in the room for when the weather got a little chilly in the evenings.

If you want to be spoilt silly, this is the place to be. We felt pampered and fussed over in true Greek style, which makes a stay one to remember long after you’ve returned home.

Outdoor Jetted Pool Iconic Santorini

Outdoor Jetted Pool

Green Cred

The architecture gracefully retains and builds on the historic caves in the caldera cliff, creating a feeling of tranquility and sanctuary. Outside our room, the chimney of the old bakery that used to stand here, is woven into the architecture. Even the oven of the old bakery still sits pretty in another suite.

The focus is on authentic design and accessories using natural materials. The cuisine relies on fresh local produce like cherry tomatoes, fava, white aubergines and wines that grow in this unique volcanic region – when in Santorini, you want to eat and drink like a local! Finally, and most importantly, the tradition of Hellenic hospitality is maintained strongly here.

For us, Iconic Santorini truly lives up to its name – it’s timeless luxury with a view you’ll never forget.

Find out more about this lovely Santorini retreat here. 

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