Iceland travel is full of incredible revelations and stunning spots where nature has outdone herself. You simply cannot miss Kerið, the volcanic crater lake found in South Iceland. This lake is found inside what once was a volcano, which is why the edges are surrounded by red volcanic rock. The vivid colours of the sapphire lake and the red rocks make for a spectacular feast for the eyes. Also, concerts have been held on a floating raft on this lake – can you imagine the feeling?

Photo: Shaun Versey via Flickr

While most volcanic crater lakes form from an explosion of a volcano, Kerið is thought to be an exception. Many believe Kerið formed due to a depletion in the volcano’s magma. This lake is about 55 meters deep, and is the main sight in this particular area. The water itself is a deep blue, and the rock surrounding it is extremely red – making for a beautiful contrast.

Kerio Iceland

Photo: Shriram Rajagopalan via Flickr

Kerio Iceland

Photo: PROArian Zwegers via Flickr

Kerið is about 3000 years old, and the volcano around it is thought to be much older. It is a great travel stop on the Golden Circle, a common area for those visiting the country to seek out. From there, a car can be parked right nearby the lake, making it an easy location to travel to.

Kerio Iceland

Photo: sharonang via Pixabay

Looking at the lake is not the only thing you can do when you travel here. You can climb down towards it too! Because of its shape and size, Kerið’s center is a place of pure peacefulness. Much of the outside noise cannot be heard from the gorgeous center, including wind that is swirling above.

More entertainment can be found when you travel to Kerið. There have been several concerts put on in the lake! The famous Icelandic singer Bjork performed while on a floating platform in the lake, while the audience watched from the sides. In such an amazing location, a performance by a great artist only amplifies its beauty.

Kerio Iceland

Photo: Hansueli Krapf via Wikimedia Commons

While it may be a lesser known location, Kerið is a place you must include on your Iceland travel itinerary!

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