The Komodo Dragon National Park, located within the Southeastern Island of Indonesia, is home to some of the largest lizards on Earth. For nearly 40 years, this park has been protecting and preserving the Komodo dragon species as well as many other marine animals.

Around 10 years after its establishment in 1980, UNESCO declared it a World Heritage site because of its incredible biodiversity. The national park is actually considered to have one of the most unique aquatic environments. Travel to this national park for an unforgettable experience!

Komodo Dragon National Park, Indonesia

Photo: Adhi Rachdian via Flickr

Diving and Komodo Dragon spotting

As a part of the Coral Triangle, nearly 76% of all known coral species can be found in this area that reaches from Malaysia to the Solomon Islands. With miles of incredible coral reefs and marine life to see, scuba diving in this national park is certainly a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

As far as the kinds of animals you’ll see during your dive, you can see everything from turtles to reef sharks to palette surgeonfish (or Dory from Finding Nemo).

Of course, it wouldn’t be worth the travel to the Komodo Dragon National Park if you didn’t get a chance to spot one of the reptiles themselves. It’s advised to go during any time other than mating season from May to around November, as many of the adults hide and don’t come out in the open.

While it’s not impossible to spot one during the summer months, these animals are certainly not anything you would want to sneak up on you or be in a place where you can’t see them clearly. Be sure to stay in large groups with your guide at all times no matter what time of year you choose to travel to this national park.

Komodo National Island Dragon Park

Photo: Christopher Harriot via Flickr

In addition to diving and touring the national park on foot, there are also a variety of boat tours that travel lovers can take around the islands. With crystal blue waters and lush vegetation covering the area, these tours will allow you to get a well-rounded view of the natural beauty this region has to offer.

Komodo National Park can make a great addition to your Bali travel, as it’s about an hour long flight to Labuan Bajo (gateway to the national park) from the airport there. You won’t regret exploring this beautiful part of the world!

About the Komodo Dragon

  • Komodo dragons are the largest, heaviest lizards in the world
  • Be careful, they have a venomous, mean bite!
  • Their forked tongue helps them sense the air and they can swallow giant chunks of meat at lightning speed
Komodo National Island Dragon Park

Photo: Indonesia View Komodo National Island Dragon Park via Max Pixel

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