Head Mixologist at Studio Bar, Michal Golecki, shares his wicked cocktail recipe – the ‘Sangre Mexicana’ is a classic Bloody Mary with a Mexican twist. The cocktail is mixed with La Penca Mezcal instead of vodka, and with chipotle instead of hot sauce. ‘La Penca’ Mezcal, made from 100% Agave, is aged in 220-litre American White Oak barrels for approximately two to six months.

The ‘Sangre Mexicana’ Mezcal  available at K West Hotel & Spa – formerly the BBC Building Kensington House in the 70s and 80s. An endless list of Rock ‘N’ Roll royalty has stayed, played and misbehaved at K West  – Bob Marley and the Wailers, Bowie, The Kinks and Roxy Music to name a few. K West Hotel & Spa is situated in one of London’s most up-and-coming districts, Shepherds Bush.

Cheers, we say!

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Glam up the traditional!

Sangre Mexicana cocktail recipe


50ml Mezcal reposado ‘La Penca’

40ml Smoky tomato juice

12.5ml Orange juice

10ml Worcestershire sauce

10ml Olive juice

Dash of chipotle sauce

Pinch of salt and pepper

Wedge of lime

Optional: Lime and celery salt


Step 1: Add a handful of ice cubes into the glass you will use for stirring.

Step 2: Add the Mezcal, olive juice, Worcestershire sauce, orange juice, salt & pepper, chipotle sauce and tomato juice to the glass. Stir thoroughly so all ingredients are mixed together.

Step 3: Rim an Old Fashioned glass with some lime and celery salt. Put some ice cubes into the glass.

Step 4: Pour the mixture over the ice and fix the wedge of lime onto the rim of the glass to garnish. ¡Salud!

Here’s raising a toast to an innovative drink!

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