In America, there lots of quirky and ubercool places that are a dream for travel photography. From national parks to local cafes and neighborhoods, these are some of the most Instagrammable spots in America:

New Orleans French Quarter, New Orleans

New Orleans is a popular travel destination, with the #nola hashtag appearing all over Instagram. The streetcar line, street performers, Jackson Square, and the French Market are only a few of the amazing things you can do and see in the French Quarter. The downtown areas feature lots of Instrammable alleyways where musicians, artists, and vendors fill the streets with life and culture. The city is a perfect blend of iconic architecture, art galleries, and hanging gardens. Perfect for travel photography with a cutting-edge vibe.

New Orleans

Photo: K S via Flickr

Rocky Mountains, Colorado

Spanning over 4,800 km from British Columbia to New Mexico, the Rockies are one of the most beautiful sites to visit in the United States. Surrounded by parks and forests, some of the wildest photographs of nature can be taken here. The mountains are home to 67 mammal species and more than 270 species of birds. The Trail Ridge Road which is located between the Grand Lake and Estes Park will take you on a breathtaking travel route. Ideal for incredible nature travel photography.

Kayaking in the Canada Rockies

Photo: Geoff Pinkney

Charleston, South Carolina

This historical city is the epitome of old-town charm. When you travel here, get great shots of the colorful pastel buildings of Rainbow Row on E Street or stroll around the historic plantations for the flower gardens. The Cannonborough neighborhood is an up-and-coming scene with food trucks, art, and shopping. You can also find the best front door pictures here, which will lend a unique aesthetic to your feed. Candy striped sunsets are perfectly seen here, which is also an opportunity for some standout Instagram travel photography.

rainbow row charleston travel photography - 1024 x 683

Rainbow Row. Photo: Jason Raia via Flickr

The Broad Museum, Downtown Los Angeles

Opened in 2015, The Broad Museum is a contemporary art museum that features a permanent collection and rotating exhibits. 2,000 works of art displayed in the two-story museum are found all over Instagram, especially Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dog (Blue). A recent installation, The Infinity Room by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama will be on display in the Broad starting in September 2017. A dazzling space of LED lights and mirrors that creates the illusion of an infinite space. Because of the museum’s rising popularity, you’ll want to plan your travel ahead of time.

The Broad Museum, Downtown Los Angeles

Jeff Koon’s Balloon Dog (Blue) Photo: John Sequeira via Flickr

Glacier National Park, Montana

The gigantic mountains surrounded by brilliant and greens and turquoises of the glacier lakes are a travel photography dream. At Glacier National Park, breathtaking natural features are the highlight of why this place is a top choice on Instagram. The crystal clear waters of the Kintla Lake reflect the mountains, the Going-to-the-Sun Road is where you can find the best photography opps for the massive hanging alleyways and panoramic shots. The wildlife is larger and more abundant than any national park in the United States. For some incredible landscape travel photography, you can’t beat these views.

Glacier National Park, Montana

Photo: Brett Burkhardt via Flickr

Wynwood Walls, Miami, Florida

Wynwood Walls is where the world’s greatest graffiti and street artists unite in one street in Miami. Originally a storage warehouse, community revitalizer Tony Goodman transformed the place in 2009, using the walls of the warehouse as a canvas for artists. Dozens of beautiful murals are scattered throughout the Wynwood neighborhood, conveniently located across the Miami Beach bay. Any one of these colorful walls is the perfect backdrop for an Instagram worthy picture. The warehouse is so popular that the #wynwood hashtag has been used over 1,00,00 times. That’s some huge popularity for street photography.

photo of wynwood walls

Photo: Nikki Aikens via Flickr

Cafe Henrie, New York City, NY

If you didn’t get a good photo of your brunch then was it even Instagram-worthy? Cafe Henrie makes it easy with pretty blue chairs and barbie-doll pink tables that serve as backdrops for avocado toasts that look like a work of art. You also can’t go wrong with their banana bread and matcha latte. It has pink tabletops perfect for snapping shots of your brunch, and is best known for their pretty fruity smoothie bowls and quintessential millennial avocado toast. Pink neon art grace the walls and create that soft, rosy glow.

Cafe Henrie, New York City

Photo: mandalynrael via Flickr

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

Famous for its scenic beauty, the Blue Ridge Parkway is where you travel to see some of the loveliest sights of nature in the United States. The vivid natural colors can be seen in countless combinations. The parkway runs 469 miles through the mountains of North Carolina and Virginia, where you will see exceptionally beautiful close-up views of the rugged mountains and pastoral landscapes. Waterfalls complement the lush flora during the warm seasons, and in the winter, waterfalls freeze to form spectacular icicles. Ideal for breathtaking nature travel photography.

Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina

Linville Falls on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Photo: kyle tsui via Flickr

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse, San Francisco, California

Since its opening in 2015, Mr. Holmes Bakehouse has quickly become a worldwide sensation with their signature croissant-hybrid, the cruffin. It is croissant dough baked in muffin tins, rolled and sugar and filled with a sweet pastry cream. About 150 are made during the weekdays, with a wide variety of flavors like passion fruit, honey lavender, and apple pie. People from all over the world line up before the bakery opens at 9 am to taste this stellar creation, as well as to take Instagram-worthy photos of the brightly-lit building.

photo of cruffins

Photo: knolas via Flickr

Before you leave, don’t forget to take a photo in front of the “I got baked in San Francisco” neon sign. They have also recently opened up in Los Angeles and Seoul, South Korea.

I got baked in San Francisco

Photo: jan via Flickr

Brooklyn Bridge, New York City

The Brooklyn Bridge is the perfect combination of sight and style. This historic landmark’s geometrical cross hatching and mind-bending illusionary perspectives is only part of a reason why it’s the essential Instagram stop. The best time to come here is early in the morning to avoid the crowds and freely stroll your way across for gorgeous shots of the bridge and skyline all morning long. Makes for stunning photography with the famous skyline as the backdrop.

bike paths brooklyn bridge - 1024 x 683

Photo: Luca Temporelli via Flickr

Philadelphia’s Magic Garden, Philadephia

Philadephia’s Magic Garden is the creative and magnificent work of mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar. This museum consists of murals and motifs made up of everything from kitchen tiles to bike wheels, and Latin American art to china plates. From the outside, you would never imagine the size and scope of the place. The gardens expand up and down the entire lot, eventually leading to a colorful, whimsical basement. Made from junk and trash, Zagar showed that genuine beauty can be created from items that are worth saving. The murals make for one impressive background – a super offbeat travel photography addition to your feed.

Philadelphia’s Magic Garden, Philly

Photo: Tom Ipri via Flickr

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah

Bryce Canyon is not actually a canyon, but a 6-square-mile field fo intricately carved statues as a result of millions of years of erosion. As you journey up here, the air is thinner, colder, and the wind is much stronger. It is definitely a journey that is worth a picture – a travel experience you’ll never forget.

Utah, United States

Natural Bridge in Bryce Canyon. Photo: Todd Petrie via Flickr

Bryce Canyon National Park

Photo: Gary Neave via Flickr

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