Threaded and laced along the coastline of Lago Nahuel Huapi, in the center of the national park by the same name, lies Bariloche (also known as San Carlos de Bariloche). With stunning forests, mountains, and lakes in nearly all directions, this mountain town has got almost everyone taking in these Bariloche sights feeling like they are living in a post card. It’s Argentina travel at its most breathtaking.

Combined with a plethora of activities regardless of the season, Bariloche has become one of the most sought after destinations in Latin America and more specifically the Lake District in Argentina.

Bariloche, Argentina

Photo: Emilio Kuffer via Flickr

What to do?

The sky-high mountains of Nahuel Haupi National park, the full dinosaur skeletons and region’s fossils at Bariloche Paleontological Museum, Catedral Alta Patagonia- which is a YEAR AROUND ski/snowboard center with 1480 acres of snowy terrain for every level of skill.

Try the resort Teleferico Cerro Otto – which has incredible lake views, a rotating restaurant, dance club, suspension bridge, skiing, hiking, paragliding, and an art museum. These are just a FRACTION of the pastimes and activities that this gateway to Patagonia provides.

Bariloche, Argentina

Photo: Nestor Galina via Flickr

When to go? (It really doesn’t matter)

This is one of those places where it doesn’t matter when you book, because whenever you arrive the mountains and lakes and beautiful sights will be there to greet you, with great promise for adventure. The mountains surrounding this northern Patagonia town are not just for gazing though – because of the location and placement Bariloche also gets superb snow coverage which makes Bariloche a snowy white reverie, and pulls skiers and snowboarders in like a magnet from around the world.

There’s more for adventure lovers. Bariloche is a great starter for anyone wanting to do an extended trek into the Andes. During the summer months, the nature enthusiasts take control of Bariloche, admiring the picturesque backdrop, hitting the hills to climb, hike trails and ride mountain bikes. If you are tired of overpriced concrete jungles and touristy kiosks, this gateway into northern Patagonia will answer the bell.

Bariloche Argentina

Photo: Jose Letelier Hernandez

What Makes Bariloche Special? The answer is puppy love!

It’s the people that makes Argentina travel special. Bariloche natives will gladly offer a helping hand. Oh, and not all of their natives are human. Bariloche – like many Latin American areas – has a large population of stray dogs. But not the kind that break your heart.

The people of Bariloche love their stray dogs and the dogs don’t really mind being strays. The community feeds them and sometimes lets them crash for a night or two – but Bariloche is a great example of what happens when a whole community takes care of everyone in it.

Bariloche, Argentina travel

Photo: Jennifer Morrow via Flickr

The Chocolate Capital

Bariloche is also the Chocolate capital of Argentina. Apparently, the chocolate that comes out of the local confection shops is just something no one should miss out on. So make sure you don’t.

Argentina travel at its most sublime – is it any wonder that travel and adventure addicts love this destination?

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