Welcome to Ubatuba. Located in the north of São Paulo, between sea and mountains, this city is cut in the middle by the Tropic of Capricorn, is made up of over 80% Atlantic forest and combines everything that you can possibly imagine. It’s Brazil travel at its most pristine.

You’ll never get bored in this beautiful coastal city, where it’s always warm (the lowest average temperature is 60 farenheit!) and the rains are spread out through the year, making the perfect weather to enjoy your travel activity of choice!

Tamar Project

The Tamar Project is the biggest turtle protection institute there is in Brazil. At its headquarters in Ubatuba, they monitor the feeding area of the five turtle species found in the country, all at risk of extinction as well as study the impact of fishing in this area and raise awareness to the civil population.

When you travel here, you can see the turtles in the water tanks and terrariums, learn about their biology, feeding habits and how to help them. All the monitors are trained university students who will guide groups through the museum, the replicas exibition and the ten different tanks they have – they even have special activities for kids.

On the way out, there is also a shop where it is possible to buy souvenirs and merchandise – not only will the profits go back to help the institute, but part of the merchandise comes from local artisans and social inclusion groups, who use recycled materials!

Giant Tortoise Mar Turtle Animals Tamar Project

Photo via Maxpixel

Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar

For those who prefer the sounds of the forest to the crash of the waves, Ubatuba is located mostly in Parque Estadual da Serra do Mar, a preservation area for the Atlantic Forest. In some parts of this preservation area, like Picinguaba, it is possible to go hiking and bird watching when you travel here.

The hiking tracks are separated by level of difficulty, some of them don’t even require a guide. However, if you do chose to go with a guide, it’s a great way of learning about the fauna and flora, since they can teach about the Atlantic forest while hiking.

Serra do mar ubatumirim Brazil

Photo: Felipe Fonseca via Wikimedia Common

Indigenous Village Boa Vista

But wait! There’s more to see. In Ubatuba it is possible to travel to the indigenous village Boa Vista, where locals will give you a tour of the village and teach you about their culture for a small fee (about 4 dollars only). You can also buy handmade souvenirs and get their traditional body and face paintings, a nice deal for learning and understanding history a bit more while helping out.

Praia_e_Vila_de_Pescadores_de_Picinguaba Brazil

Photo: Ricardosdag via Wikimedia Commons

The big blue

Still not convinced Ubatuba is a small paradise? Brazil travel is incomplete without a trip to the coast. Go to any of the various stunning beaches here. Some are famous for their surfing competitions and amazing waves, others have bouldering spots that will take your breath away – both for the exercise and for the view, just remember to take your own equipment when you travel here.

Some of the most pristine beaches are in the north – make sure to leave them that way.

Afterwards, just enjoy the waves, go for a swim and eat the delicious Brazilian pastel or corn in the cob! It’s now wonder that this is Brazil travel hotspot that can’t be missed!

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