Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni is the world’s largest Salt Flat, a stunning, bone-white landscape of brightly glimmering salt. To see it in all its glory alone would be a dream for any beauty-hungry travel lover. However, the extreme weather and altitude forces eager travel enthusiasts to pack for a very cold climate and resign themselves to the whims of Mother Nature. The creator of Lumishell, French architect Christophe Benichou, proposes something a thousand times better. 

Why not import your own cozy, luxurious dwelling into the very heart of extreme environments  so that you can experience nature to the very last degree without leaving the comfort and finesse of a tastefully decorated apartment behind?


Lumishell was born out of a collaboration between Lumicene; a company whose sliding, reversible windows provide the Lumishell with unparalleled panoramic vistas and visionary French architect Christophe Benichou. This innovative modular structure has been designed to be one with nature, allowing travel lovers to both kick-back in a beautiful, cozy cocoon and enjoy scenic views of any absolutely breathtaking landscape.


Curved windows for the full experience

Lumishell fulfills everyday needs with a touch of much needed glamour. It provides chic campers with a small but fully functional kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and a gorgeous living room that can be easily commute with the outdoors by sliding the curved windows and letting in the beauty of nature.


Glamping with a view

The curved glass windows offer an unforgettable experience. It is one thing to huddle up in multiple layers of clothing before even dreaming of stepping outside to enjoy the outdoors and another thing to simply sit down and enjoy a book and a cup of tea whilst looking out into the great vastness of our world.

If you draw the curtains of the bedroom before you turn off the light, Lumishell provides the ultimate waking-up-to-a-view experience. And what a view!


Oh, we could lie here and stare forever

But it’s not just about beauty. This elegant cocoon is designed to not only stand but to thrive in exotic environments. It’s circular rooms  may double as stylish outdoor porches but its structure is meant to protect you from severe weather conditions with its aluminum skin, horizontal roller blinds for summer thermal comfort and a wooden interior. 

The Lumishell already takes preemptive action against harsher climates and the potential rage of the elements. It is even possible to install solar panels on the roof and structures to recover rainwater, if necessary.


The curvy Lumishell is designed to appear as a humble fœtus-shaped protective shell

If you’re one of those travel enthusiasts that want to truly see it all, the Lumishell is a prayer answered. This beautiful habitat is meant to be transported to your chosen destination and assembled on site in 4 to 5 days, allowing you and your travel buddies to seamlessly blend in with nature without leaving the coziness of home behind. Currently, the prefabricated Lumishell can be pre-ordered online, their delivery is scheduled  for early 2018.

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