Watch this incredible Drone Footage of Kayaking in Raja Ampat! Paddling on a kayak trip through the tropical waters of Raja Ampat is an experience that few people will forget.

Located right on the equator in far Eastern Indonesia, Raja Ampat is the epi-centre of the coral triangle. It’s heralded as having the world’s highest concentration of marine biodiversity. There are more than 1500 species of fish, 80 per cent of all hard and soft corals are found in Raja Ampat. Needless to say the snorkelling in Raja Ampat is mind blowing.

raja ampat drone footage kayak trip

Photo: Expedition Engineering

The beauty below the water isn’t the only incredible feature of Raja Ampat. The area also contains more than 1200 Islands. Each of these islands has it’s own unique character. They’ve been sculpted by the elements for thousands of years into a vast array of shapes. Many resemble stone mushrooms with an afro of thick vegetation.

Kayaking through these tightly packed islands can feel like paddling through a maze, it’s a kayakers dream. The kaleidoscope of the coral reefs exploding with life below your kayak are like nothing you’ve ever experienced as is the dramatic ever-changing scenery of the unique limestone islands, sensory overload can often be a problem, there’s just so much to capture you’re attention.

raja ampat drone footage kayak trip

Photo: Expedition Engineering

Expedition Engineering runs kayaking expeditions in Raja Ampat. Our premiere trip spends 10 days onboard a 120 foot South Celebes style wooden vessel. It provides a comfortable home in which to explore this tropical paradise. We offer up to 3 outings per day. During each outing passengers can choose to go kayaking, stand-up-paddle boarding, scuba diving, snorkelling or just relax on the sun deck and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

A kayak trip can be one of the most memorable travel experiences – we hope you loved this stunning destination for this adventure.

Video by Expedition Engineering

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