Natural hot springs are the perfect location for travel lovers and those looking to de-stress. And it sounds particularly inviting in the chill of winter. Take a week or a weekend off to benefit from the healing and soothing abilities the springs have to offer. Travel to any of these destinations around the world, and you’ll be so happy to warm up in winter!

Pamukkale, Turkey: Pamukkale Hot Springs

Bathing in the snowy terraces of Pamukkale or ‘the Cotton Castle’ is a breathtaking travel experience. In this remarkable landscape, more than a dozen tiers flow with heated, mineral water that will revitalize your skins and help soothe aches. While at the springs, don’t forget to also look at the Roman ruins of the city that once sat here. The ruins are well preserved, offering extra motivation to travel here. Immerse yourself in history, while enjoying the natural beauty this part of the world has to offer.

Pamukkale, Turkey hot springs

Hot Springs in Pamukkale, Turkey. Photo: Esther Lee via Flickr

Dolores, Colorado: Dunton Hot Springs

The first people who believe to have benefited from the springs were the Indians who occupied the town of Dolores. With high amounts of minerals, the springs in Dolores, Colorado can help your body’s overall health; there are a couple of pools on sight ranging from 36-41 degrees Celsius. Grab a loved one or a friend, a bathing suit, and a ticket to travel to Colorado this winter to experience spa life in the mountains.

colorado hot springs

Photo: Courtesy of Dunton Hot springs

Pucon, Chile: Termes Geometricas

Hidden away inside a Chilean forest near Pucon is where you can find the Termes, once known as “Cajon Negro.” Tucked away inside the National Park Volcan Villarrica, the forest that surrounds the springs exudes peace, giving you a gentle comfort of warmth and relaxation in nature. There are 17 natural hot springs, which are all connected by the same stream of water and the red-painted wooden boardwalks that visitors have walked on for decades. This travel escape will let you avoid the cold of winter; it’s a beautiful hot spring that will have you coming back for more!

Termes Geometricas, Pucon, Chile

Photo: Cristofer via Wikimedia Commons

Iceland: Hveravellir Hot Springs

Deep in the highlands of central Iceland is where you can find the Hot Springs Fields where a hot oasis awaits for you. The water temperatures here range from a cozy 20 degrees Celsius to a steamy 35.5 degrees Celsius (depending on what pool you choose to relax in). After bathing, make sure to check out the surrounding area of the pools; here you can find bubbling mud pools and geysers spitting water into the air. Travel to Iceland to cuddle up to nature’s warmth!

Iceland Hveravellir Hot Springs

Photo: Vera and Jean-Christophe via Flickr

Tuscany, Italy: Saturnia Thermal Baths

In the southern part of Italy is the small town of Saturnia, which holds unique hot spring in its countryside. Kept at a hot 100 degrees, the pools flow with grace over the rocks creating small waterfalls within the pool.  Take time to listen to the water flow while you find yourself in a state of pure serenity looking out into the Italian countryside. It is a breathtaking view that is covered with the subtle fog of the steam rising from the pool. Travel to Tuscany to bask in these luxurious thermal baths. 

Saturnia thermal baths, Tuscany Italy

Photo: Markus Bernet via Wikimedia Commons

Hevitz, Hungary: Lake Heviz

Heviz Lake is the biggest thermal lake in Europe and has been used as a spa and bathing center for centuries. And, in 1922, more improvement was brought to the lake when the village of Hevitz became a town. The water is said to stay at a constant 90 degrees, making it a comfortable temperature for travel and nature lovers to enjoy. When visiting the lake, sit and let the waters rejuvenate you and your body before returning to reality. This magical fairytale will make you want to extend your travel to Hungary a bit longer! 

Hevitz, Hungary: Lake Heviz

Photo: Heather Cowper via Flickr

Fairbanks, Alaska: Chena Hot Springs

The water that fills the hot springs flow underground where it takes in the Earth’s minerals. There are traces of human activity at the springs dating back to a century ago. It can be assumed that the Natives were the first to come upon the healing powers that the waters obtain. People who have bathed in the springs have said that the water cleared their skin and soothed aching muscles along with having an overall sense of ease. With the chill of the cold of the Alaskan air and the heat from the rising steam and bubbling water creates a perfect ying-yang experience. Travel to Fairbanks, Alaska to see for yourself at Chena Hot Springs!

Fairbanks, Alaska: Chena Hot Springs

Photo: Toad vua Wikimedia Commons

Enjoy some much-needed R&R when you travel to these incredible natural hot springs around the world.

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