Finland 100 years of independence is being celebrated this week with blue-and-white light shows across the country and in almost 30 countries around the world. The excitement has been gathering pace up to the last minute, and 50 iconic venues and buildings across the globe will be illuminated with blue and white lights in honour of Finland’s centenary of independence.

Finns are the biggest coffee drinkers in the world. All Finns are also invited to share a coffee break at 2 pm in honour of 100-year-old Finland. The official opening of the centenary of Finland’s independence will be held at the Market Square in Helsinki on 5 December. An installation of one hundred Finnish flags will be created in the square when children and young people hoist the flags.

Photo: Juha Metso/ Finland 100

The centenary of Finland’s independence culminates on Finland’s Independence Day, 6 December 2017. It is the most significant commemorative year for this generation of Finns. Over the next few days, there will be blue-and-white light shows at 50 sites in a total of almost 30 countries.

The sites include the Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro and the Niagara Falls in Canada, as well as many other spectacular sites that will be covered in blue-and-white lighting in honour of Finland.

Finland Celebration

Photo: Juha Metso/ Finland 100

“Finland has received numerous accolades and gifts from around the world this year. Now, the world will turn blue and white for a short time. This is a great moment for Finns and friends of Finland,” says Pekka Timonen, General Secretary of the Centenary of Finland’s Independence, Prime Minister’s Office.

We could all do with a festive coffee break!

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