An American tri-point is where three states meet at one location/point. Over history, the borders of each state have been surveyed leading to monuments being placed in special locations. These locations have been listed for you below to add to your American travel plans, from the West Coast to the East Coast. So grab a group of friends, travel to the nearest tri-point, and start exploring this season!

Four Corners Monument

Located off Highway 160, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah are the only four states to meet at one point. A small plaque was placed in 1912 and 20 years later was replaced by bronze plaque within a granate monument (shown below). Over the years this location has gained popularity from people from across the country and the world. Take memorable pictures with your friends and make this an American travel road trip you won’t forget!

Four_Corners_Monument america

Photo: Staplegunther via Wikimedia Commons

Preston Monument

Located in Baca County, CO, Cimarron County, OK, and Union County, NM, the three states meet off of County Road B076 in the middle of the desert. The spot is named after the surveyor, Levi S. Preston, who measured a part of the Colorado-New Mexico border in the early 1900s. the monument that currently stands there was placed 20 years later and is said to be off by 4 feet. None of the less, stop by this tri-point while you are passing through from one state to the other!

preston monument

Photo: Anthony J. Bentley via Wikimedia Commons

Tri-State Iron Post

At this historical marker is where the three Northern states – Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota – meet in the middle of the road; the monument is placed on the side for the safety of visitors and travel buffs. As you can see below, the monument is surrounded by lush green fields perfect for a scenic photo! Make this apart of your list for your 2018 American road trip plan!

Tri-Points, USA

Photo: waymarkers via Wikimedia Commons

Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma Monument

It is said that more than two dozen men helped pinpoint this tri-point location. The original stone, which was monumented in 1938, was placed 50  feet away from where it should have been placed. In 2004, the stone monument (shown below) was replaced by the plaque which was placed in the correct location. This American tri-point is best for seeking an adventure when you travel on a southern road trip!

Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma Monument

Photo via Jimmy Emerson, DVM via Flickr

The monument is located in Joplin County, KS, Ottowa County, OK, and Japser County, MO with only one road leading to it (directly off Downstream Blvd). Around the monument is a lush forest that serves as protection against the outside world. This location isn’t as secluded as some of the other travel stops, but it serves as a perfect travel stop while on a southern road trip.

United States Tri-Points

Michael Overton. via Wikimedia Commons

Alabama, Georgia, Tennesee Monument

The monument for the three southern states has had much argument about over the past years. The surveyor of the land had missed the real border by a mile causing a huge outrage among the people. As you travel to the monument, you will be driving along the Tennesee and Georgia state border. After you make your way to the parking lot there is a short trail you follow before you reach your destination!

tri State,USA

Photo: Alan Cressler via Flickr

Tri-State Monument

The monument was placed in 1882 where the Neversink and Delaware rivers meet. Here marks the meeting point of Westfall, PA, Port Jervis, NY, and Montague, NJ. This is just a marker, the real meet up of the three states is in the water a couple miles offshore. But do not worry, adventurers! There is a canoe rental service just down the street so you can truly reach the tri-state border.  The monument is made for travel addicts who prefer turf over surf!

Tr-State Area Border, USA

Photo: Cohee via Wikimedia Commons

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