We all know that being out in nature revitalizes us, boosts our moods and overall makes us feel more content and satisfied with life. The fact that we came up with parks is proof enough of this but new studies have confirmed what we have instinctively known for centuries, that the natural world inspires joyfulness and heightens our sense of connection to the earth and to each other. You don’t need to leave it all and roam the country side for months to be more attuned with nature. Here are ten tried and true health tips to help you get closer to nature on a daily basis.

Work Out Outdoors

If going to the gym is not your thing then you should give the outdoors a try! Sometimes, working out at the gym may end up feeling a little too much like routine: same machines, same parking space, same TV shows being played endlessly over and over. Try biking around your neighborhood or jogging at a steady pace. Working out outdoors offers you never-ending movement and, unless you are living a Groundhog-Day scenario, there will always be something new and wonderful to take in and observe. According to a 2010 study  exercising somewhere green is not only beneficial for your muscles but can actually boost mental health. 

Bike Ride

Go for a bike ride with friends! Photo via Pixabay

Take Up Hiking

If you’ve been nodding enthusiastically along when you read my previous point then you’ll absolutely love this one. Not only does hiking naturally contain all of the benefits I previously mentioned but it comes with added bonuses. For one, hiking purposely takes you to the deep and stunning heart of nature and offers views far beyond asphalt and potted flowers. If you are one with a thirst for adventure and an eye for beauty then hiking might be a perfect way to connect with our beautiful planet.


Hiking. Photo via Pixabay

Essential Oils

There’s far more to essential oils that a cute oil diffuser. In fact, essential oils are packed with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and can be an essential (pun intended,) ally in everything raging from household cleaning to skin care. Coconut oil and Shea butter make for infallible moisturizers and lemon oil is a fantastic all-purpose cleaner. You are truly harnessing all the healing power that nature has to offer.

Essential Oils

Essential Oils. Photo via Pixabay

Take Up Gardening

Not everyone has the time to go out hiking and this is especially true when you live far from the countryside. Gardening is a hustle-free way to get closer to nature that enables you to grow your favorite food and herbs, guaranteeing you’ll be eating fresh produce and reaping (again, pun intended) the vast benefits. One of those health tips that works wonders without the boredom of repetition.


Gardening. Photo via pixabay

Make Room For Plants!

Literally! If you love plants but don’t feel like digging up dirt every other day then perhaps taking care of low-maintenance plants is for you. Flowers such as the Jules Verne Peony and plants like the Elijah Blue Fescue are guaranteed to make your immediate outdoors look like an enchanted forest. If you live in an apartment or have less space we’ve got you covered. Check out this absolutely gorgeous article on house plants and say yes to nature’s flora revitalizing your space.

Indoor Plants

Indoor Plants. Photo via Pixabay

Cloud Watching!

Yes, it’s true. Not only does cloud-watching engage your imagination and simultaneously relaxes you but it is also completely and absolutely free! Laying on the back and breathing in the earthy scent of nature is nothing if not therapeutic and cloud watching is a fantastic added plus. Don’t underestimate the shape shifting powers of clouds. You might be more entertained than you thought you could be.

Cloud Watching

Cloud Watching by Sunset. Photo via Pixabay

Fruits. Mother Nature’s Candy

Have you ever considered just how absolutely convenient fruits are? They are nothing if not appetizing and our hands are perfectly shaped to pluck, peel and hold these delicious snacks. Besides being packed with nutritional goodness and essential minerals they require little to no preparation and tick all the boxes in terms of taste. Next time you’re eating an orange think about Mother Nature’s amazing forethought in pre-slicing it.


a delicious apple. Photo via Pixabay

Read Outside

This is one of my absolute favorite things to do. As my friends can attest, I did all the reading for my thesis on my campus’ sun-kissed grass and right under sturdy trees. It was a dream. If you enjoy a good book but feel Netflix’s siren call run for the hills (literally) and take with you a good book. You’ll thank me later.

reading outside

reading outside. Photo via Pixabay

Take Up Photography

This is an awesome way to truly observe the beauty that surrounds us as photography demands you to keep your eyes open and your sense of wonder intact. You are bound to make incredible discoveries and find the unconventional beauty in the wild vastness of the natural world. It’s actually one of those activities you don’t usually associate with health tips – but it does work wonders.


capturing a beautiful day. Photo via Pixabay

Have a Picnic

If you’ve liked the idea of making fruit your new go-to snack then share it with others by going on a picnic. This is a great way to get out in nature and truly take in all it has to offer – plus, it’s one of those great health tips that are easy to follow! You can pluck fruits from your garden, dab a little essential oil on your wrists, play with your pets and/or family and even do a little bit of cloud watching. Check out this mouthwatering recipe for a rose garden cocktail  and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

picnic, Pixabay

A gorgeous spread. Photo via Pixabay

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