Even though cars, concrete and endless paved roads seem to be the norm in most big cities, there is still hope for those who prefer riding on two wheels, enjoying the breeze on a dust trail. If you’re from London or planning to move there any time soon and you share a big passion for cycling in nature, then you should keep reading. Cycling is a wonderful way to explore the city on your London trip.

If you ask any rider out there about their favorite season for biking, you will find out that the vast majority prefer the autumn. Either it’s due to its mild temperatures and amazing colors, or simply because that’s a time when cities are not the most crowded, it doesn’t really matter. If you’re a fan of such a scenery and happen to live or travel to London, then you’re in luck!

What if I Don’t Own a Bike?

Before jumping into action and telling you all about the best parks to cycle around London, there is one aspect that needs to be cleared. The beauty of cycling in London is that it doesn’t really make a difference if you own a bike or not. With so many bike rental services spread across the city, it’s very easy to just hop on a bike and get a feel of the city. If you’re a tourist than you should really forget about the hop-on – hop-off buses and start discovering London on two wheels.

Even though pedaling through London might be a bit more tiresome than just taking a guided tour or anything similar, the advantages it brings are beyond measurement. And another awesome aspect about cycling through the city on your London trip is that you will be able to interact with a lot of other cyclists as well, since it is such a pro-biking city.

Now, let’s take a look at the best places you can take your bike out for a spin. Of course, private properties and some historical buildings and part of the land they’re being built on have some restrictions sometimes but there’s plenty to see even so. Without further ado, we bring you the best locations for cycling in London.

Hyde Park

Hyde Park takes the number one spot in this list because it is, by far, the most bike-friendly park in all of Central London. When you add the fact that it is also the biggest park in London, you got the perfect recipe for one happy rider. There are endless routes a cyclist could go for in Hyde Park but perhaps the most popular trail is the one linking Hyde Park Corner with Alexandria Gate. This route is basically cutting the park in half on the diagonal so that any rider that picks it for their daily ride will be able to admire the Rotten Row or the Serpentine Road.  A history-filled park that was exceptionally preserved over the years, Hyde Park is definitely worth a pedal next time you’re in London.

hyde park london

Kensington Gardens

This Royal Park offers another spectacular place for cyclists to gather round and enjoy the sheer beauty of what a natural park in the middle of the city jungle can offer. With stunning nature, a very wide offer of routes and different types of tracks, Kensington Gardens is a symbol of naturality. Perhaps the only downside about this excellent biking route is the fact that, being the Royal Park after all, some paths might be closed due to some ceremony or simply restricted to public due to a monarchy official meeting or something similar.

kensington gardens london

Green Park

Another great park in London that can offer riders some spectacular landscapes and enough paths for a full day of exercise easily. With cycling only allowed on Constitution Hill, you will be able to bike alongside Buckingham Palace, reaching the Victoria memorial just in front of the palace. Indeed, the fact that you get the chance to enjoy your bicycle so close to the Palace is a nice touch, however, many wished some more of the park would be open for cycling. Another interesting fact about Green Park is that it connects with Saint James’s park where you can take the North Horse Ride parallel with The Mall for quite an incredible landscape. All in all, the two parks combined can give you the proper feeling of biking through amazing green spaces on your London trip.

green park london

Regent Park

This is quite an unusual example to catch this list. The reason it was included is that it’s simply breathtaking and there are constant efforts from riders and bikers to open it more for biking. Right now, you can only cycle around the northern part of Broad Walk, quite a short distance between the Outer Circe and Chester Road. This made riders want to be able to feel more of this astonishing park on their own but it seems that, for now at least, the park remains off-limits for bikers.

victoria park london

We hope you enjoy your London trip on two wheels!

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