Be a hopeless romantic this Valentine’s Day by celebrating loved ones sustainably! Show the object of your affection how much you love them AND the earth by following the tips in this green Valentine’s  gifts guide:


Choose a handcrafted card with a quirky message that was printed on recycled paper by Happy Dappy Bits or  write a romantic note from the heart on something unique or crafty like recycled note cards, album covers, construction paper, magazines, or newspapers/cardboard.

Have a Green & Red Valentine's Day!

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Check out these fair trade, non-GMO chocolate brands that are making delicious, sustainable chocolatey treats for the love of your life. Alter Eco Foods makes dark chocolate sweets with single origin cacao from Ecuador and Peru. Endangered Species Chocolate donates 10% of net profits to animal welfare charities such as the African Wildlife Foundation.

Dark Chocolate

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If your lover appreciates flowers, you can still go traditional and send them a bouquet. Unfortunately, most flowers available in the US are grown in South America with lax safety laws and pesticide regulations. Many American growers use the chemicals mancozeb, a carcinogen and methly bromide which causes ozone depletion, to grow their flowers.

Once harvested, no regulation exists to limit quantities of chemicals in bouquets. Gift a sustainable bouquet from Urban Stems or Organic Bouquet/Eco Flowers. Keep them healthy and beautiful by trimming at a diagonal, remove leaves, submerge in tepid water and mix with a non-toxic food cocktail of 1 teaspoon vinegar, 1 tablespoon sugar, and 1 crushed aspirin for every 24 oz of water. Remember to protect the bouquet from direct sunlight, heat vents, and electronic devices!

Have a Green & Red Valentine's Day!

Photo: UrbanStems


Your wallet will thank me for this one! Why not treat your boo to a fabulous vintage brooch, ring, necklace or time piece from your local vintage shop or pick a special piece sustainably sourced from one of these jewelry makers?


Thrill your valentine (or galentine!) with  luxurious, ethically produced pjs or sexy wares. B Corp company Between the Sheets is very transparent about how they source fabrics, make and ship their stylish garments. LA-based Thundress makes fun undies with low impact dyes and 100% organic cotton. They have partnered with A Joyful Heart Foundation by donating 5% of all sales to End the Backlog which funds the testing of backlogged rape kits stored in police precincts all over the country. Get your girl some panties and help thousands of women get justice.

Have a Green & Red Valentine's Day!

Photo: Thundress


Going out? Find a local restaurant that offers farm to table service. Staying in? Light a soy candle  to set the mood. Homesick candles are lead, plastic, paraben, petroleum and phthalate free with a cotton wick and come in interesting all natural fragrances like Friday Night Football, Grandma’s Kitchen and your love’s hometown. Peruse your local farmer’s market for fresh foods to cook a fabulous romantic dinner. Don’t forget an organic wine!

Have a Green & Red Valentine's Day


Hope you enjoy these green Valentine’s gifts!

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