Combining fantasy, bedtime stories, and natural mutation is a collection of almost five hundred trees, all mysteriously warped at the base of their trunks. If you travel to the West on your Poland trip, then you will find Krzywy Las, also known as the “Crooked Forest.”

As Krzywy Las’s trees make their ascent into the sky, their trunks curve dramatically and incredibly near the base of the trunk, forming little Js. For centuries, we have wondered: what could cause this? Is it Radioactivity? War? Aliens? Weather and climate change? Gravitational changes?

Krzywy Las in West Poland

Photo: ivabalk via Pixabay

We have no proven reason for these pines’ peculiar silhouette. Furthermore, their origin stories range from the sensible to the bizarre. The most “sound” origin myth supposes a terrible snowstorm buried the trees in their infancy.

Another story claims the gravitational pull in that area has morphed their trunks. Perhaps the most captivating idea proposes that native foresters manipulated the trees’ growth after planting them in 1925-1928.

Supposedly, the foresters first interfered when the trees were only ten years old in hopes of making furniture from the bent shapes. Then, they continued to refuse to let the trees grow upwards, severely stunting their growth. These foresters most likely traveled out of Poland after the start of World War II. However, they left behind an ecological mark that still exists nearly a century later.

Crooked Tree Trunk in West Poland

Photo: currens via Pixabay

Even with all of these theories, there is still little evidence supporting any reason for the trees’ curved trunks. Moreover, those who travel there will find that the Crooked Forest is surrounded by completely normal, unmutated trees.

Crooked Forest in West Poland

Photo: ivabalk via Pixabay

Trees are very resilient by design. Despite these trees’ twisted beginnings, they seem to be unaffected in their daily lives. For instance, if you travel to the Crooked Forest, then you will see that each tree continues to branch out and thrive. The trees of Krzywy Las are uniform in their distortion, and the world may never know why. But it sure makes a remarkable stop for your Poland trip.

Where: In a suburb called Gryfino, Zachodniopomorskie province.

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