France is a beautiful country filled with decadent cuisine, rich culture, and first-rate fashion. The European destination is beautiful all year round, featuring snowy ski resorts in the winter, sandy beaches in the summer, and crisp foliage in the fall. However, it’s at its best in the spring. Take a France trip anytime from March to June, and you will find blooming gardens, breezy islands, and green hiking trails. Depending on the region, the weather ranges anywhere from slightly chilly to wonderfully warm. Plus, in the spring, there are much fewer visitors crawling the streets than in the summer, so travel lovers will reap the benefits of short lines and cheaper prices.

France is a very diverse country; each region has a different culture. Because of this, travel lovers will always have more to see and do with each visit. From Normandy’s historical beach to Paris’ Eiffel Tower, there are many spectacular attractions ready to be explored.

Normandy – Monet’s Garden

Normandy is a region in northern France. It is, perhaps, most famous for its World War II sites. However, there is so much more to do in Normandy than many travelers realize. Perhaps the best attraction to visit in the spring is Monet’s Garden. Claude Monet, the famous Impressionist painter, called Normandy his home. Even though Monet is no longer alive, his life is still celebrated every day at Monet’s Garden at Giverny.

Here, travel lovers can view the same bright, flowery gardens that inspired Monet. Travelers can also observe the willowy, dreamy Japanese water garden depicted in many of Monet’s paintings. Spring is one of the best times to take a France trip and visit Monet’s Gardens because the flowers are beginning to bloom again, creating a hopeful, lively atmosphere.

Monet's Garden in Normandy, France

Photo: Nadrog via Pixabay

Brittany – Belle Ile

Belle Ile is an island just off the coast of Brittany, France. The island is rather secluded, making for the perfect quiet travel getaway. Belle Ile is a wonderful mixture of steep, rocky cliffs and sandy beaches. Visit Sauzon, a quaint seaside town, to walk along roads lined with colorful houses or to partake in a seaside hike.

Beginning in April, travel lovers can also set up a tent and camp out in nature all across the island. Travel to the Cote Sauvage, or ‘wild coast’, to explore sea caves and walk along the sandy coast.

Sandy Beach in Brittany, France

Photo: eaozone via Pixabay

Provence – Gorges du Verdon

Perhaps the best region to travel to on your France trip in the spring is Provence. Provence boasts fields of fresh lavender, bright blue waters, and yellow lemon trees. One spectacular activity Provence has to offer is hiking in the Gorges du Verdon. The Gorges du Verdon is the deepest canyon in Europe. At the bottom of the canyon, travel lovers will be delighted to find turquoise waters. As well as gorgeous views of the water and sky, the hike also features ancient oak trees, limestone, and lush greenery.

Gorges du Verdon in Provence, France

Photo: MissEJB via Pixabay

Provence – Dignes-Les-Bains

Another wonderful place to visit during your France trip in Provence is Dignes-Les-Bains, a town that features both thermal springs and wild lavender. Located in southern France, Dignes-Les-Bains is perfect for the traveler who wants some pampering and relaxation. Visitors can bathe in the thermal pools or immerse themselves in a lavender bath at the resort Etablissement Thermal. After relaxing at the spa, tourists are welcome to explore the wild lavender fields. Spring is perfect for taking picnics and sunbathing in the soft purple fields.

Lavender Field in Provence, France

Photo: Kaz via Pixabay

Paris – St. Germain Jazz Festival

When people think of France, they immediately think of Paris. And why not? Afterall, Paris is the city of love. From the Eiffel Tower to the Louvre, Paris is the most popular destination to visit on a France trip. While it’s a great idea to visit these popular sites, travelers should also keep in mind that there are plenty of other things to do in Paris. In the spring, Paris hosts the St. Germain Jazz Festival. Each year, the best jazz artists come from around the world to perform. Listeners can sip on a champagne cocktail and swing dance while listening to classic jazz in the sunny spring air.

Paris, France in the Spring

Photo via Pixabay

Versailles – The Orangery

As a whole, France is steeped in history and culture. Versailles, a region in northern France, is no exception. Versailles is often seen as a standing monument to King Louis XIV. His palace may technically be uninhabited now, but it’s always full of people. From the hall of mirrors to the fountains, the palace of Versailles is extravagant and beautiful.

One of the most eloquent sights at the palace is The Orangery. The Orangery is one of the many gardens at the palace. Its paths are clipped into intricate, symmetrical green swirls. The garden features orange, lemon, pomegranate, and oleander trees. In the spring, these luscious green trees thrive in the slightly chilly weather. At the heart of the garden sits a circular pool, perfect for stopping at to reflect upon the beautiful greenery.

The Orangery at Versailles, France

Photo: 139904 via Pixabay

Burgundy – Festival du Mot

Burgundy is typically known as wine country. Merlot, cabernet sauvignon, and pinot noir are in abundance in this mid-France region. In addition to serving up some of France’s best wine, Burgundy also serves up some of France’s best writing. The Festival du Mot, or Festival of the Word, takes place each year for five days in late spring. Writers from all over the world visit France to fawn over the French language. Over one hundred different activities and events, from film screenings to writing workshops, take place during the festival. Lovers of the French language will not want to miss this unique festival. Even travelers who don’t speak much of the native language can still enjoy themselves by watching dancers, listening to singers, and viewing art during the Festival du Mot.

France Trip: Winery at Burgundy, France

Photo: djedj via Pixabay

We hope you have a wonderful France trip!

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