Many of us know the saying “April showers bring May flowers”, something that helps us transition into a new month, a month when nature decides to bloom. The Netherlands like to celebrate this time of year with flower fields, parks, and parades. The locations below will show you every place you can see and or celebrate the spring phenomena.

When to go:

In the middle of March is when Spring will begin in the Netherlands. However, it is not until the middle of April (through the beginning of May) until the tulips and other native flowers start to bloom. Most of the tulip fields are located in the Bollenstreek, an area of towns that have the biggest flower population.


PhotoÑ Allesandro Vechi vi Wikimedia Commons

 Where to go:


Keukenhof Garden, Lisse

This is a very special garden because it is only open during the time the flowers are in bloom (through March to May). Enjoy a day among the sun and the 80 species that you will see walking around; many of these species derive from the tulip family. This years theme is Romance so all 79 acres of the park will be decked out in lovely colors!

Lisse, Netherlands

Photo: jeremy via Flickr

Hortus Botanicus, Leiden and Amsterdam

Aside from the flowers, these are two great locations to get a look at the other plant species the Netherlands has to offer. The gardens in Leiden is the oldest in the country being built in 1590; the Amsterdam location only came 35 years after! Both botanical locations have a large variety of each species creating a lush, green environment for you to walk around.

Leiden, Netherlands

Photo: Tubantia via Wikimedia Commons

Amsterdam Tulip Museum

Located in the northern part of the city is this tiny shop. Inside, you can find a quick history lesson of the tulip.  A major point in time that will be brought up is ‘Tulip Mania’. During this time, the tulips were in high demand and looked upon highly by every Dutch citizen. Aside from the history, there is a small shop that sells kitchenware and flower bulbs

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Photo: dronepc via Flickr

Amsterdam Flower Market

Here at the market, vendors sell bulbs and bouquets of tulips and other flowers common in the area; each merchants display is as colorful as his neighbors. This location opens at 9 a.m and does not close to 5:30 p.m, giving you plenty of time to visit the market a few times throughout the day.

Amsterdam, Netherands

Photo: Matt Kleffer via Flickr

Flower Parade (Bloemencorso), Bollenstreek

Gorgeous creations made out of fresh, cut flowers and natural materials is the ultimate celebration. Annually, in the middle of April, around 20 floats and over a dozen decorated cars take their course through multiple towns which include Leiss and Harlem  As the floats pass by, keep a sharp eye for the amazing detail that has been put onto the floats.

Lisse, Netherlands

Photo: Kim Tyo-Dickerson via Flickr


Wait! If you cannot make it to the Netherlands this spring you can still catch a glimpse of the beautiful flowers as well as native vegetation that is put on display! Make your way to the Dutch country to see  The Westland Boat Parade which occurs annually in early August. Here you will see a dozen boats decorated with the vegetables and flowers recently harvested.

Another option is to make your way to Holland, Michigan where you will find the Tulip Time Festival. From May 5 – 13, enjoy the dozens of events and activities that take place; the festival exudes Dutch culture and shows the great love of tulips.


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