Dozens of destinations across the globe are worth the trip for different reasons, but these lakes and rivers are special. Instead of the beautiful blue color that you would naturally expect, stunning hues and vibrant shades are the main attractions of these colorful water bodies. Travel to one of these unique locations this season to add a pop of color to your adventure!

Laguna Colorado, Bolivia

Sitting on the border of Chile and Bolivia is this algae-covered salt lake boasting an orange/ peach hue. Adding to the symphony of color is the rare species of flamingo that has made the lake its home. You may see them during the day eating the algae and sunbathing on the shore. Close by is the Eduardo Avaroa National Reserve of Andean Fauna, where you can see the Stone Trees. These magnificent ‘trees’ were made by the wind blowing sand over time.


Photo: Carlos Adampol Galindo via Wikimedia Commons

Hells of Beppu, Beppu, Japan

This is a unique destination is perfect to have a spa day. There are 8 pools each representing its one unique hell, the one below being ‘Chinoike Jigoku’ or the Blood Pond Pool. This pool is unlike the others because of its orange colored water. Although you cannot bath in these boiling hot ‘hells’, spa products and other amenities are made from the water giving you a soothing souvenir.

Beppu, Japan

Photo: z tanuki via Wikimedia Commons

Lake Carezza, Tyrol, Italy

Also known as the Rainbow Lake, Carezza is the gem of Northern Italy. Surrounded by the Dolomites and a lush green forest, Carezaa glows in a green aura that radiates tranquility. Legend has it that a nymph once lived in this lake who was fooled by a sorcerer. He had cast a rainbow above the lake to seduce and capture her for himself. She eluded his capture and in a rage, he shatters the rainbow that fell into the lake. To see the true rainbow effect, try going at during the sunrise or the sunset.

Tyrol, Italy

Photo: Olga1969 via Wikimedia Commons

Wai-O-Tapu; New Zealand

The color of this location may not be the most appealing, but it is in fact, one of the most relaxing places to be in New Zealand. The Devils’ Bath has earned a name for itself inside the Wai-O-Tapu Wonderland and has given the travel hotspot much publicity. Besides its sulfuric smell, locals and travel lovers have sworn by its healing qualities and recommend coming here when in need of a healing spa day.

New Zealand

Photo: macronix via Flickr

Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Located north of Grindavik, this hot springs location will lead you to a day of relaxation. The pools are shaped by volcanic rock and solidified lava filled with geothermal water; year round, the water maintains a hot 39 degrees Celsius. Also located on the premises is a clinic with more spa amenities so you can take your spa day one step further. Come with a friend or a partner and have a day to treat yourself!


Photo: facrice via Flickr

Rio Tinto; Huelva, Spain

Due to the mining in the area, the water of this river is rich in metals giving it that reddish tint. Scientists and travelers alike throng to Rio Tinto to look at this rare sight. After walking along the river you can visit the Rio Tinto Mining museum that is nearby. Here is where you can learn the history of the land like how and when the water gained its red color.

Huelva, Spain

Photo: washere via Flickr

Lake Mont-Cenis; Piedmont, France

Ranging from turquoise to bright blue, Mont-Cenis displays an see-it-to-believe-it gorgeous hue all year round. The lush, green and mountainous terrains make a great combination for hikers and walkers who have come to admire the lake. On perfect days many also enjoy picnics near the shore and fishing too. Next to the lake, you can find a small information center and the Alpine Botanical garden (which faces the east side of Mount Celis). At the garden, you can find over a thousand different species of mountain flowers.

Piedmont, france

Photo: Steve C via Flickr

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