From wine tasting in the valley to sun tanning on the shore, Italy has dozens of destinations both on and off the mainland to make your travel getaway unique. With historic sights and luxurious eats, join me as I lead you through some of the best islands to visit on your Italian vacation.

Ustica, Sicily

Sitting 60 miles above Palermo, the island of Ustica holds remnants of volcanic action. To travel to Ustica, the head of a huge submerged volcano in the middle of the Tyrrhenian Sea, a short ferry ride from Palermo is needed. Right in the middle of the island is the top spot of the volcano, Guardia dei Turchi. It’s a lovely place to get a panoramic view of Ustica.

The small island is known for its bright coral reefs as well as numerous walking paths that invite you to explore the island. Lighthouses can also be found scattered about the island, making great spots to see the sunrise and sunset. Go diving, explore caves and coves, or simply soak in the glorious sun!

Ustica, Italy

Photo: Giorgio Minguzzi via Flickr

Isola di Giglio, Tuscany

Located on the coast of Tuscany, you can catch a ferry at the Porto Santo Stefano that runs at most hours of the day. Giglio is covered with sun-kissed beaches and lush, green terrain.

For those who seek historical sights, the island has two: the port and the castle. Both sights have ancient remains that attract many people who travel to Tuscany. For something more leisurely spend time at the beaches the island has to offer like Campese or Cannelle or go diving and snorkelling in the azure waters.

giglio island tuscany

Photo: Visit Tuscany via Flickr

Lampedusa, Sicily

By plane or boat are the two options to travel to this island. Lined with white sandy beaches on one side and rugged terrain on the other, Lampedusa is an island made for those seeking relaxation.

This island is mostly known for its stunning dive locations along with Madonna del Mare the underwater statue. On the island itself, you will find walking and hiking trails that lead to Monte Rosso, Monte Nero, and Monte Vulcano. These three peaks offer you great views of the whole island and will lead you to a great outdoor adventure!


Photo: fab via Wikimedia Commons

Isola Maddalena, Sardinia

Just 20 minutes away from the Sardinian port, Maddelena offers an array of activities for everyone. Though this island is covered in rocky terrain,  it still has all the eamentities to a great Italian vacation.

This island has a unique location, Spiaggia Rosa, the beach with pink sand that attracts many travel lovers to the island. Another must-see place on the island is Archipelago National Park which was established in 1994. The park will allow you to explore the southern part of the island as well as get a look at the protected marine life. The rocky terrain, however, makes great hiking trails if you are up for an adventure!

Italy Islands

Photo: Albo Ardetti via Wikimedia Commons

Ischia, Naples

Located inside the bay of Naples, the island of Ischia is easy to get to and will only take an hour-long ferry ride. Ischia has a number of beautiful sights including numerous hot springs and beaches perfect for your leisure time.

For something more historic go visit the Castello Aragonese and Museo Archeologico Pithecusae where you can get a taste of Italian art and culture through history. Take time to travel to all these locals for the best experience!


Photo: lepo55 via Wikimedia Commons


Travel just a couple miles south of Sicily and you’ll find another grassy island. Though there is rough terrain in some areas, Fillicudi invites you to hike in Zucco Grande and explore the Grotto del Blue Marino. Both these locations are suited for the adventure lovers and will allow you explore the island. For something more leisurely hop on a boat and coast around, preferably in the evening, to see the sunset.

Italian Islands

Photo: Roberto Zingales via Wikimedia Commons

So on your next Italian vacation, travel to some of these stunning islands for a unique experience.

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