Venice is extraordinary – but it is also madly busy during peak season. And that has called for some extraordinary measures from the Mayor. This May 1 weekend, when hordes are projected to arrive to soak in the charm of Venice travel, there’s a new ordinance that segregates the tourists and the locals.

Over the long weekend, tourists will be gently nudged away from the more popular streets. Specific areas will only be accessible to locals and regular visitors who have a Venezia Unica card.

Travel lovers will be diverted from the main road that they normally use to get from the bus and train stations to the Ponte di Rialto and San Marco church, Strada Nova. Boats full of day visitors will be redirected from Riva degli Schiavoni in San Marco to Fondamente Nuove in Cannaregio, further away from the city centre.

The mayor of Venice, Luigi Brugnaro, has signed an ordinance in recent days with “urgent measures to ensure public safety, safety and livability in the historic city of Venice.”

The UNESCO World Heritage Site has suffered from being run over by tourists. Cruise ships are not welcome by the locals and the challenges have increased over the years. Do you think these measures are likely to work?

For sustainable tourism, local engagement is very important. Locals may not want to see befuddled tourists in odd spots staring hopelessly at a map while trying to find their way through a maze of back alleys.

Still, it’s an interesting experiment that could pave the way for future regulation. Stay tuned to the local social media pages for more Venice travel updates.

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