Hey Ecophiles, I’m traveling to the Canadian Rockies in the summer and would love some tips on best spots for photography. I’m passionate about travel photography and am keen to explore stunning natural landscapes on my week-long trip. 

– Tim Brinkman

Hi Tim,

With the sheer scale of the Canadian Rockies and the variety of terrain, there is no end of options for finding amazing travel photography spots. With the vastness of the Canadian Rockies, I can only claim to have seen a small fraction of them, but will do my best to recommend a few places to start.

Moraine Lake

  • One of the most iconic locations to take a shot is at Moraine Lake. With its emerald blue water and mountain backdrop it is often featured in magazines as a must-see destination, and well worth adding to the bucket list.
  • The lake is in Banff National Park, on the edge of the Bow Valley Parkway. It is a 20-minute drive away from Lake Louise on a road which is open during the summer months.
  • For a photograph that you would really want to show off, I would recommend getting there in time for sunrise. You can take a spot on the rock-pile which overlooks the lake (please take due care to do so safety and in a manner which does not interfere with the environment) and wait for the sun to illuminate the peaks. But be warned: during the summer holidays, this place can become packed with visitors, even during the very early hours.
canada travel moraine lake

Moraine Lake at sunrise

Bow Lake

  • Another favorite location is Bow Lake, located on the Icefield Parkway about 30 minutes north of Lake Louise.
  • There is a parking area at the north end of the lake, from where you can wander to the shore.
  • Again, I would recommend arriving at sunrise. That way you have a better chance of seeing Crowfoot Mountain illuminate in the morning glow.
canada bow lake

Bow Lake

Natural Bridge, Yoho National Park

  • The Natural Bridge is well worth a visit, Yoho National Park which is just over the other side of the Alberta border in BC.
  • It is located on the Emerald Lake Road which you can arrive at from the Trans Canada Highway at Field. So perhaps after a day spent hiking and kayaking at Emerald Lake (more photo opportunities there) make a point to stop at the Natural Bridge and capture the view of Kicking Horse River flowing through it.
natural bridge yoho national park

Kicking Horse river

Ultimately there are hundreds, if not thousands, of fantastic photo opportunities to be had.  If you are looking for some further inspiration, please check out my Instagram gallery for ideas @geoffpinkney and feel free to DM me for any advice. I’m always happy to help.

– Geoff Pinkney, Calgary. Photographer and Canada specialist for Ecophiles

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