You may have seen the word ‘plogging’ show up in your news feed recently. That’s because the new fitness craze, which started in Sweden in 2016, is now quickly spreading across the world. But what exactly is plogging? The word is a combination of jogging and the Swedish phrase ‘plocka upp,’ which means to pick up. Plogging is just that–jogging while collecting litter.

garbage can in nature

Photo: RitaE via Pixabay

But what exactly do you need? It turns out, you don’t need much equipment at all. As long as you have running gear (think: sneakers and athletic clothing) and a trash bag, you’re ready to go.

Some people find it safer and easier to go plogging with gloves on because certain litter, like cans and bottles, can cause cuts and scrapes. Other people enjoy carrying a litter grabber while plogging. Ultimately, though, it’s up to the runner to decide how much equipment to bring.

Running Shoes for Plogging

Photo: Tirachard Kumtanom via Pexels

Not only does plogging require little equipment, but it also can be done pretty much anywhere. As long as you’re outside in an area with litter, you can plog. Plus, you can do it any time–day or night.

However, many experienced ploggers do suggest going during the day because it’s easier to find and collect trash in the daylight. Bring friends and family with you to collect even more litter and to stay motivated.

Not only is plogging really good for the environment, but it’s also really good exercise. When you plog, you get a full-body workout. Your arms and abs get a workout from reaching, your legs get a workout from squatting to pick up litter, and your heart gets a workout from jogging. With plogging being so good for you and for nature, why not do it?

No matter where you decide to plog, how much equipment you decide to bring, and when you decide to go, we hope you enjoy your next plogging adventure!

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