Food travel is fun, exotic, and delicious. However, trying to plan a food travel experience can be daunting and confusing. From deciding which dishes to try to choosing which countries to visit, there are so many details that go into planning a foodie Europe trip. Luckily, we’re here to help! Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best spots to travel to on your next Europe trip.

London, England

London’s a melting pot of diverse cultures which has led to the creation of some pretty amazing dishes. From curry to chips — to Welsh cuisine—like Welsh rarebit, the city’s many cultures blend together to create unique cuisine options for locals and travel lovers alike.

actors outside the Sherlock Holmes pub, Westminster, London, London, England. ©VisitBritain

Outside the Sherlock Holmes pub, Westminster, London. Photo: VisitBritain, Britain on View

If you’re looking for a taste of old English culture, London has you covered. Start your morning in London off with a full English breakfast, crumpets, and cream tea. In the afternoon, sip on a steaming cup of tea while savoring a sticky toffee pudding or decadent trifle. Next, enjoy a frothy, cold English ale while munching on fish and chips in an authentic London pub.

For dinner, order a London dry gin to accompany a plate full of bangers and mash or a Sunday roast. Any room for dessert? London’s bakeries are filled with delicious English desserts like Eton mess, Chelsea buns, and bread and butter pudding. If it’s comfort food you’re craving, London is an amazing place for Europe trip.

British Fish and Chips Meal

Fish and chips. Photo: Famigranquoi via Pixabay

Berlin, Germany

There are many reasons to travel to Berlin. From its amazing historical landmarks to its wild nightlife scene, Berlin is the spot to travel to in Germany. Berlin’s extensive history mixes with its young, hip residents to create a food scene like no other. Recent restaurants have taken traditional German dishes and put a fresh, new spin on them. Now in Berlin, you can munch on vegan currywurst, bockwursts, and veal schnitzel, amongst many other neo-German dishes.

Food trucks are perhaps the reason most people add Berlin to their food travel destination list. Every Thursday night, Berlin unofficially hosts Street Food Thursdays. During this event, you can buy anything from tacos to homemade ice cream. Stop by House of Flying Dumplings for authentic Chinese dumplings, Hotzenplotz Berlin for locally raised beef and lamb burgers, and Bunsmobile for French-inspired street food sure to make your European food travel dreams come true.

Vegan Berlin- Photo Kirsten Schmidt -Visit Berlin

Tuscany, Italy

No one needs to tell you twice that Italy is the cuisine queen of Europe. From full-bodied red wines to creamy pasta carbonara, Italy is possibly the best country for food travel. But, when there’s so much space to cover and so little time, travel fiends will be forced to choose a select few regions to visit in Italy. Make sure to stop by Tuscany during your Europe trip for fresh, simple, high-quality cuisine.

Tuscan residents pride themselves on their ability to create delicious meals out of simple ingredients. Whet your appetite with ribollita, a rustic vegetable and bread soup. Next, reach for a plate of antipasto for a salty, protein-filled appetizer. Want some pasta? Opt for Tuscany’s tagliatelle al tartufo, which consists of pasta and a decadent truffle sauce, or pick up a fork and dive into pappardelle alla lepre. Finish off your classic Tuscan meal with a complex, full-bodied table wine.

Italian Pasta to Eat in Tuscany

Photo via Pixabay

Naples, Italy

Naples, Italy is famously credited as the birthplace of pizza. The first ever pizza shop opened its doors in Naples in 1738. Ever since then, the charming city has been cooking up crispy pizza pies for travel junkies and locals to enjoy.

If you’re looking for the best pizza in all of Italy—and perhaps the world—look no further than Naples. The Margherita pizza, which consists of creamy mozzarella, fresh basil, and zesty tomato sauce atop a crispy pizza crust, is Naples’ trademark pie. However, if you aren’t a huge fan of Margherita pizzas, don’t fret. Nearly every pizzeria in the area cooks many different kinds of pizzas, and some shops have the option to create your own pie.

While Naples is mostly known for its pizza, the charming region offers much more in the way of cuisine. From spicy, tangy spaghetti all puttanesca to cheesy eggplant parmesan, travel lovers need look no further for the best Italian food travel spot. Naples has an extraordinarily diverse cuisine filled with rich, Mediterranean vegetables and perfectly baked bread sure to satisfy everyone’s taste buds on their European food travel adventure.

Naples' Margherita Pizza

Photo via Pixabay

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a social hub-bub bubbling with eclectic culture and innovative cuisine. Often regarded as a hipster city, Copenhagen lives up to its name. Visit the city on your food travel adventure to find recycled food. Recycled food restaurants use ugly or otherwise unwanted produce in their dishes.

Copenhagen, Denmark happiest countries

Photo: Bente Jønsson via Pixabay

Furthermore, they cook with parts of herbs and vegetables not commonly used, such as celery leaves and cilantro stems. The aim of these restaurants is to cut down on food waste, seeing as it’s a gross misuse of land and a large source of agricultural pollution.

Copenhagen has many traditional dishes to offer to travel fiends as well. Step into a traditional Danish farmer’s shoes by eating porridge for breakfast, lunching on open-faced sandwiches, and finishing the day off with a freshly-baked raspberry bar. It doesn’t matter if you eat traditional or hipster cuisine, so long as you eat it in Copenhagen.

Porridge to Eat in Copenhagen

Photo: cgdsro via Pixabay

Paris, France

Ah, Paris. This famous city is hailed as the food capital of the world and for good reason. Thousands of critically acclaimed chefs gain their education from French cooking schools, and hundreds set up shop in the wonderful city of Paris. If you’re looking for high-end cuisine, Paris is home to over seventy Michelin star restaurants, with quite a few of them boasting three Michelin stars.

paris cafe

Photo via Pixabay

If you aren’t willing to break the bank on luxurious 3 Michelin star restaurants, Paris has many affordable food options. France places a huge emphasis on cooking because it brings people together, so nearly every restaurant in Paris will exceed your expectations.

For a cheap and delicious breakfast, grab a warmed croissant or pain au chocolat and a steaming espresso from a nearby café. Quiche Lorraine, cheese soufflé, and French onion soup are all affordable, widely available, and delectable lunch options. In the evening, savor a bowl of bouillabaisse and a few fluffy madeleine cookies. With all the delicious food options available, you’d be amiss if you didn’t add Paris to your Europe trip.

Croissants and Other French Baked Goods

Photo via Pixabay

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, is perfect for food travel experiences for your Europe trip. Amsterdam is every beer, bread, and cheese lover’s dream. The city is well known for its sharp and creamy gouda cheese, which is served both by itself and as part of a savory entrée. Amsterdam is also incredibly famous for its fries, which are double fried for ultimate crispiness, and its thin Dutch pancakes, which can be served either savory or sweet.

However, the city’s most popular food item is its local beer. Amsterdam is home to one of the world’s most famous breweries: Heineken. Tour the brewery and get the full experience during your Amsterdam trip. However, don’t forget about the local breweries.

From the eclectic and innovative De Prael to the classic Butcher’s Tears, Amsterdam’s lesser-known breweries pack just as much punch and give you a greater understanding of the local life. No matter what brewery you decide to add to your European food travel destination list, we know you’ll enjoy sipping a frothy ale in Amsterdam.

Cheese Wheels--European Food Travel

Photo via Pixabay

Europe is a food and travel lover’s dream. From prestigious Paris to rustic Tuscany, Europe’s cities cook up some of the best food in the world. No matter where you decide to go on your Europe trip, we hope you have a fun, exciting, and delicious food travel experience!

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