Hey Ecophiles, we are planning a trip to Mexico in a couple of months. Could you tell us the best destinations for a road trip in Mexico? 

– Shai and Rebecca

Mexico is an amazing destination for road trips!  Not only is the scenery truly breathtaking, but the roads are nearly deserted and in great condition.  It’s a perfect country to explore by car or motorbike, and the adventure will prove to be one for the books!  

My personal favorite is the Baja Peninsula:

  • The towns along the way are just far enough to have long stretches of changing landscapes, but close enough together that there’s no worry of not making it in one day.  
  • Beach time is best done in Cabo, and between Loreto and Mulege
  • Exploration through a national park can be done in any of these: Valle De Los Cirios, El Vizacaino Biosphere Reserve, Parque Nacional Sierra de San Pedro Martin, & Parque Nacional Constitution de 1857
  • In the north there’s a big dirt bike & dune buggy culture — it’s a fun way to explore the desert landscape
  • The whole peninsula takes about 5 days of driving, but allow at least 7-8 to really take your time.  
Mexico road trip Baja Roadtrip

Photo: Morgan Shidler

Another great option is between Zihuatanejo & Puerto Vallarta:

  • Great for beach lovers as you will be on the Pacific almost the whole time, and there’s lots of ways to pop over to la playa whenever you want along the way
  • Great roads and lots of towns and lots of food options
  • Could be done in 2 days, best to allow for 4 to really get good beach time
snorkelling mexico pacific coast Marietas-Eco-Discovery-02 - 1024 x 669

Take time to cool off in the crystal clear waters

Yucatan Loop

  • Longer loop with gorgeous views of the Gulf of Mexico & the Caribbean Sea
  • So much to explore from the ruins in Tulum, the beaches along both coasts, to Calakmul Biosphere Reserve, and Parque Natural Petenes
  • Can be done in 4 days, best to allow for 8-10.  Full days can be spent at many of the destinations.
RivieraNayarit_Chacala mexico vacation - 1024 x 683

Riviera Nayarit

A note about safety — Mexico is extremely safe for tourists despite what some news outlets will have you believe.  That said, always be friendly with locals and ask lots of questions about where the best places to stay, eat and drink are.  They are your best guides, and will let you know if there is anything to watch out for. Do not drive long stretches at night if you can avoid it.  

Have fun!  Mexico is truly an international gem and you’ll be hard pressed to find a country who offers more friendly people, delicious food, crystal blue waters, endless deserts and lovely roads to adventure on.  If you have car trouble in any of the towns there are affordable mechanics everywhere. Make sure to stock up on your downloaded music and podcasts, as internet connectivity is still a little sparse. Enjoy these best destinations for a road trip in Mexico!

– Morgan Shidler, Travel expert

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