Looking for the perfect day Barcelona day trip? Think about the sheer wonder of the stunning Montserrat mountain range. From here, you can get onto the railway that will lead you up the mountain, over a thousand meters to the top, where the monastery, Basilica, and museum stand. Travel lovers can also choose to walk and hike the trails of this spectacular natural park to reach the top of the mountain.

The Railway and the Furnicular

To get up from the base of the mountain to the monastery, you must take the Rack Railway (also known as the Cremallera) up the mountain. The railway transfers you to the top of the mountain via a scenic route that will allow travel lovers to see Montserrat’s beautiful nature.

Built in 1918, the Funicular de San Juan gives travel lovers a bird’s eye view of the monastery and the rest of the mountain. Twenty years later, the Funicular de Santa Cova was built so travel addicts can have access the cave where the Virgin of Montserrat (The Black Madonna) was found.

Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain

Photo: Ad Meskens via Wikimedia Commons

The Basilica and The Black Madonna

Founded in 1025 by Abbot Oliba, the Basilica became more than a religious location for the monks. Afterward, the church attracted many travelers from across the world to not only see the Black Madonna but to also partake in the religious services. Today, many travel here to see the Gothic architecture that can be seen on the outside and inside of the Basilica.

Also known as La Moreneta or the Virgin of Montserrat, the Black Madonna is said to be found around 880 B.C. in a cave that can now be accessed with the funiculars. The statue depicts a woman and a son both wearing crowns and sitting on a golden throne. Each day the Black Madonna is visited by hundreds of people wanting to take a closer look at her – for she is known to have performed several miracles.

Catalonia, Spain

The Atrium of the Basilica. Photo: Wenjie via Flickr

The Walking Trails

Make sure to explore the surrounding nature Montserrat has to offer when you travel here. You will find many trails that lead you to different locations surrounding the Monastery. Some places you can see while on the trails are Saint Michael’s Cross and Hermit’s Way; these two places are significant to Montserrat’s history.

The rock formations are spectacular and will leave avid hikers and walkers in awe. Where better than Montserrat for a Barcelona day trip?

Montserrat, Barcelona, Spain

Picture: Jude Lee via Flickr

Good to know:

Barcelona Day Trip:

By train: Take the Barcelona’s FGC train, which departs from Barcelona-Plaça Catalunya station every hour (approx 1.5 hours). The train gives you a great view of the spectacular mountain scenery as you ascend 600 meters directly to the sanctuary.

By bus: Autocars Julià. Departures from Viriat Street, adjoining Sants Station, in Barcelona.

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