With the Tour de France (July 7) and ‘Vuelta a España’ (August 25) just around the corner, here’s some inspiration with scenic cycling routes for your Spain vacation. Here are some of the best cycling routes in the Balearic Islands for those feeling inspired by the competitions to take a cycling holiday.

The Balearic Islands are a European cycling hub with many elite cyclists using the islands as their training ground during the winter months. Boasting a year-round warm climate, the Balearic Islands offer a rich variety of cycling routes suitable for all levels of cyclists. Plus, there’s stunning scenery to keep you motivated!

Cap de Formentor route, Mallorca

Boasting beautiful scenery and some of the some of the most challenging rides in Europe, Mallorca is a cycling mecca and is said to be tailor-made for cyclists.

The Cap de Formentor route, located on the north east of the island, starts in the Port of Pollença and continues along the Cap de Formentor road, which offers some of Mallorca’s most stunning and dramatic views of the Mediterranean. The ride is 40 kilometres and finishes at the Cap de Formentor lighthouse, from where cyclists can enjoy breathtaking views across the Pollença Bay to the Alcudia Peninsula. The route is best tackled by seasoned cyclists as it has a climb of 1060 metres.

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Cap de Formentor, Mallorca

 Maó to Es Grau route, Menorca  

Menorca’s rolling countryside, quiet roads and varied terrain, make it a playground for travel lovers wanting to enjoy a cycling holiday. The island has 21 specially created bike-routes on ancient tracks, and signposted to be adapted to riders.

The Maó to Es Grau route offers cyclists a picturesque mountain bike ride through a variety of landscapes on the Cami de Cavalls– an ancient route that circles the entire island. The cycling trip starts at the end of the port of Maó and continues to the village of Sa Mesquidia, before continuing along the coast, where riders can admire dramatic views of the sea and stop-off in one of Menorca’s beautiful natural coves.

The final part of the ride travels through the Parque Natural de s’Albufera des Grau, Menorca’s largest Natural Park, before passing through typical Menorcan farmland peppered with olive tree and finishing in the town of Es Grau.

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Formentera. Photo: Balearic Island tourist board/ Illetes Jorge Jimenez

Es Mal Pas to Far de Barbaria, Formentera

Formentera is the ideal Balearic Island to escape the hustle-and bustle of every-day life and enjoy the island’s year-round warm climate with a laid-back cycling holidays. Formentera has 32 motor-vehicle free ‘Green Routes’, which have been designed for travel and adventure lovers to discover the island by foot or by bike.

The Es Mal Pas to Far de Barbaria route is one of three routes to access the Far de Barbaria – Formentera’s iconic lighthouse. The route starts in the centre of the island in Es Mal Pas before continuing through Torrent de s’Alga, along a picturesque road overlooking the ocean with Ibiza in the distance. The route offers cyclists a glance into local culture travelling past the typical white houses with blue windows found across the island. The ride ends at the Far de Barbaria, which boasts incredible 360 views across the ocean.

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Formentera. Photo: Balearic Island tourist board/ © jaume capellà

Cap Martinet – S’Estanyol, Ibiza

Home to an abundance of cliff top walks, countryside trails and quaint villages, Ibiza is a great option for those looking to explore the more authentic side of the island. Ibiza offers both demanding and leisurely rides that make the island a popular cycling destination all-year round. Home to 20 specially adapted routes, on both hilly and flat terrain, Ibiza can be enjoyed by all-levels of cyclists.

The Port of Ibiza circular route is an easy 13km rural bike ride, ideal for those wanting to enjoy an leisurely ride. Starting at the Port of Ibiza, the trail continues to the pretty bay of Talamanca – a great spot for an ice-cream break and a dip in the Mediterranean Ocean. The route then continues to Cas Corredor – a clifftop route that passes hidden coves with magnificent sea views. A perfect Spain vacation with a view!

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Ibiza. Photo: Balearic Island tourist-board

How’s that for an idyllic Spain vacation?

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