Explore Southwest Germany’s royal attractions and gardens on your Germany trip for stunning lake views, vineyards and Baroque splendour.

Palaces, monasteries and gardens, these historic attractions would make a fab addition to your Germany trip. The Black Forest and Lake Constance, cities like Heidelberg, Baden-Baden and Stuttgart: these are all jewels in the crown of SouthWest Germany. The sunny state in the very heart of Europe is called Baden-Württemberg in German.

In SouthWest Germany, travel to Meersburg Castle, with its views over Lake Constance, to taste local wines; at Alpirsbach Monastery, you can learn about brewing.

Stroll in Schwetzingen’s romantic gardens, discover the medicinal benefits of herbs at Bebenhausen Abbey and tour Tettnang, the 2018 Palace Of The Year. All are members of Baden-Württemberg’s collection of State Palaces and Gardens.

Tettnang: 2018 Palace of the Year

When it comes to Baroque splendour, Tettnang New Palace is one of Germany’s best examples. Travel here to see its grand rooms and staircases, masterful stucco sculptures and exhilarating frescoes.

As a bonus, the setting is romantic – right on Lake Constance. Special this year are guided tours relating to food and drink, telling tales of everyday dining and grand banquets back in the 18th century. Recent innovations include new reception rooms, where clients set out on fascinating tours that always guarantee a memorable experience.

New Palace Tettnang south west germany travel

New Palace Tettnang. Photo: Staatliche Schloesser und Gaerten Baden-Wuerttemberg, Günther Bayerl

Meersburg New Palace: Where wine is a theme

The northern shores of Lake Constance are carpeted with orchards and vineyards. Wine was important to the so-called prince-bishops, the powerful rulers, who lived in the grandeur of Meersburg’s New Palace.

Outside, terraces offer panoramas of Lake Constance. Inside, the Baroque and Rococo-style stucco and paintings show happy drinkers, naughty nymphs, vines and grapes. You can view the glamorous rooms, the newly-restored teahouse and finally, the ancient wine cellar – where you can enjoy a glass of local wine.

Alpirsbach Monastery: The age-old tradition of brewing

Beer has been part of everyday life since ancient times. And in monasteries, as well as growing, storing and preparing food, they brewed beer. Not only was it considered a nourishing food – monks were even allowed to drink beer during Lent.

You can learn more on a tour of the monastery, finishing in the monastery’s own brewery, the Alpirsbacher Klosterbrauerei, with a glass of the unfiltered, naturally cloudy beer, plus bread and local ham.

Bebenhhausen Monastery and Palace: Medicinal herbs

Consecrated in 1095, Bebenhausen retains a wonderful sense of the past. Now it is more of a living history museum, where one highlight is the herb garden. This was hugely important to the Cistercian monks of centuries gone by and it is here you discover how they used a wide range of healing herbs and plants. The tour ends in the pharmacy, where you can taste different herbs and take home herbal salt as an authentic souvenir.

Bebenhausen Monastery southwest germany outdoors

Bebenhausen Monastery. Photo: Staatliche Schloesser und Gaerten Baden-Wuerttemberg, Günther Bayerl

Monastery Open Day: October 14, 2018

SouthWest Germany has some of Europe’s best preserved monasteries and most romantic ruins. Autumn is a great time of year to plan a Germany trip. You can enjoy the woodland scenery and vineyards. October 14 brings the special open day in the 12 monasteries run by Baden-Württemberg’s State Palaces and Gardens.

This year’s theme is “Monastery – Church – Kitchen”; so guides will talk about cooking, eating and drinking in the impressive kitchens, medieval halls and grand Baroque banqueting rooms. A tasty experience!

 Bebenhausen Monastery southwest germany travel

Bebenhausen Monastery Photo: Staatliche Schloesser und Gaerten Baden-Wuerttemberg, Günther Bayerl

Find out more on the State Palaces and Gardens website to plan your Germany trip.

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