From India to Japan, Italy to Denmark here are the best foodie experiences and destinations for food around the world. It will make your mouth water!

A big appetite and an open mind – that’s what you’ll need to travel the world as a food enthusiast (foodie). With more than a 100 countries, the variety is mind boggling and can make the beginner tourist a bit overwhelmed when making itinerary plans. However, some countries are really difficult to miss when it comes to delicious cuisine. Below is our list of the best places to visit for food around the world.


India blesses us with flavorful and colorful dishes coming from a variety of backgrounds. Famous and properly so, Delhi street food steals the spotlight with its momos, parathas, and chaat.

Parathas are a versatile type of bread that can be eaten at any time of the day with the most varied fillings, appealing to travelers and locals alike. Momos, for their turn, are a type of dumpling from Tibet. Steamed and served with a garnishment, food lovers are guaranteed to fall in love with this famous street food.

Lastly, the chaat fried dough, just like the parathas, can have different fillings depending on your preference and the local availability. Some of the most popular fillings include aloo chaat, which means potato, and bhel puri chaat, which stands for a dough filled with vegetables, tamarind sauce, and puffed rice. For top destinations for food around the world, India offers an incredible variety for all palates.

Chaat India street food

Photo: Tanuj Handa via Pixabay


Despite its frigid cold weather, Denmark is a hot spot for foodies. Awarded 31 Michelin stars in the past years, the Nordic country is a up and coming destination with dishes preserving its heritage and fresh ingredients. Wienerbrød, or Danish pastry as most people know it, is a must try when visiting the country. This pastry is usually sweet, but it takes on all kinds of variations depending on who’s making it, so it satisfies both those who like savory dishes and those with a sweet tooth.

Æbleskiver is another local, mouth-watering dessert that resembles a pancake filled with apples and topped with sugar very popular during Christmas time, so if you’re visiting Denmark around December, make sure to check it out! Finally, rye bread and beer porridge are the more contemporary version of the remaining food culture of the Viking era.

Seven Aebleskiver in a white plate Denmark food

Aebleskiver. Photo: Michael Meinecke via Wikimedia Commons


Noodle lovers (especially vegans and vegetarians), prepare yourselves for the feast you will have in Japan! Even though Tokyo is a popular and cosmopolitan choice, some equally incredible and off the beaten path foodie destinations include Kawagoe on Honshu Island and Morioka. When in Kawagoe, make sure to try their sweet potato dishes (which is their specialty), like imo koi, a tea time oval shaped snack wrapped in yam and mochi flour, filled with sweet potato and tsubu, which stands for red bean paste.

For Morioka, find a place to enjoy a bowl of wanko soba, a creation only found in this particular city. The fun in eating wanko soba is that it comes in tiny bowls and they pile up as the serves refills them each time. By the end of the meal, you might have built a skyscraper of noodle bowls!

Lastly, check out Kunisaki and Beppu on Kyushu Island and order a dango-jiru, a thick wheat noodles cooked with mushrooms, carrots, and onions in a miso soup, a combination that can’t go wrong.

Five bowls of wanko soba Japan food

Wanko Soba. Photo: 663highland via Wikimedia Commons


If you only know Egypt because of its pyramids, think again because this place is becoming a hub and a synonym for good food. Walking the streets of Cairo is hard not to feel tempted to dive into the flavors of its local cuisine, such as koshary, fuul, and taameya.

The first two are considered more hearty meals, the type that can keep one full throughout the day with no problem. Koshary consists of lentils, rice, pasta and chickpeas mixed together and covered with spicy tomato sauce with some places adding vinegar to the mixture as well. Fuul is a dish made of cooked fava beans combined with different Egyptian spices, usually served with pita bread.

For breakfast try some taameya, an Egyptian falafel made with fava beans. Finally, Egypt is also rich in desserts, having a extensive list for foodies to pick from, including baklava, um ali, and knafa.

A koshary dish on a wood surface with a spoon and little bowls around it Egypt food

Koshary. Photo: Dina Said via Wikimedia Commons


Romantic by nature, France attracts lovers from all over the world, including food lovers. Places like Grenoble, Strasbourg, and Lyon (besides Paris, of course!) offer great alternatives to the more traditional dishes that include meat or sometimes even animal cruelty, such as foie gras.

In Grenoble, for instance, we highly recommend that foodies try their famous gratin dauphinois – grated creamy potatoes. Besides this delicious starchy dish, Grenoble is also famous for producing large amounts of walnuts and dried fruit. Therefore, tasting some of the pastries in the several patisseries in the city is a must for foodies planning a trip to France.

Strasbourg for its turn offers the foodie tourist a taste of its tarte flambee, a uniquely rectangular shaped pizza. Its base is covered with a paste made of a combination of créme fraîche, onions, cheese and mushrooms. Strasbourg is also known for mixing some German elements in its culinary by using sweet onion in soups and tarts.

Close photo of a tarte flambee France food

Tarte flambee. Photo: Markus Spiske via Pixabay


The land of fiesta, siesta and Flamenco, Spain already has a spot in our hearts. Bustling with an incredibly flavorful cuisine, some of Spain’s favorite dishes include tapas, gazpacho, pisto and for the most courageous, pimientos de padron. As these are ubiquitous to Spain, anywhere in the country will serve these dishes, but each with its unique flair and variation.

Tapas, for instance, is a little snack that can be eaten any time of the day, be it for breakfast, lunch, or an afternoon delight. Gazpacho, a zesty tomato soup seasoned with garlic, onion, salt, olive oil, vinegar among other ingredients. Although the most common idea of tomato soup is that it’s a dish served hot, in Spain gazpacho is served ice cold to pair well with the scorching hot summer days in the country.

The Spanish ratatouille is called pisto! This vegetarian creation is as popular as tapas. The recipe takes tomatoes, onion, garlic, zucchini, peppers and olive oil. It’s a delicious combination that will certainly have foodies coming back for more!

Two white gazpacho bowls spain food

Gazpacho. Photo: Aline Ponce via Pixabay


Mexico is a must go location for a spicy and hearty foodie trip – one of favourite destinations for food around the world. Although Central and South America are known for relying on a heavy meat-based type of diet, there are options for vegetarians and vegans too. For instance, street food like elotes (grilled corn on a stick), gorditas (pocket sandwiches filled with your topping of choice), tacos with queso (cheese), avocados and onion, and tostadas are (or can be) vegetarian and vegan friendly food for the hungry tourist. The famous quesadillas are also a good bet for a no-meat meal.

For dessert one can choose to have churros, a friend dough usually topped with dulche de leite or fresh fruit from the nearest street stand. Lastly, eggs, be a la Mexicana or huevos rancheros are very common and promise to keep foodies filled enough to enjoy the rest of the trip until one’s stomach growls again and it’s time for the next meal. Yum!

Three vegetarian tacos seen from above mexican food

Tacos. Photo: Marco Verch via Flickr


Old, but gold, Italy continues to be one of the best destinations for food around the world. Pizza, pasta, and gelato is the staple triad that makes this country so famous when it comes to amazing and delicious food. Although traditional, those three are not the beginning and the end to Italian cuisine. Ribollita, an originally Tuscan dish, is a hearty soup made with vegetables and thickened with bread instead of meat. The reason behind it being that this recipe was enjoyed by the poor peasants of Tuscany, but has now evolved to be one of the most requested dishes in the region despite its humble origins.

Following in the starch party is the Italian risotto. Although rice is not a staple food in this country as much as it is in places all over Latin America, there’s no denying that the creamy and flavorful dish is definitely worth a spot on the list. This plate appeals to all types of foodies, including vegetarians, vegans, gluten-free, and meat-eaters alike. For the best risotto, Milan is the place to go. To make the dish even more delicious (and fancier!), try adding shavings of truffles on top of it – it’s guaranteed to make you dance while savoring it.

As a quick snack, Sicilian culinary blesses us with arancini, a fried rice ball filled with tomato sauce, mozzarella, peas and other small vegetables, If you want to make this dish vegan and vegetarian friendly, make sure to ask the waiter about the filling and how you can tweak it to your liking.

Lastly, a stop in Italy would not be complete without having some tiramisu. This after-dinner dessert is superb way of ending the night. The seemingly simple layers of sweetened mascarpone cheese interspersed with biscuits soaked in soluble coffee and finally topped with a thin layer of cocoa and ground coffee is heaven for sweet lovers and will very likely cast a spell on those who prefer savory dishes too. The truth is that Italy is a paradise for foodies and their taste buds!

A plate of risotto Italian food

Risotto. Photo: Ordago via Wikimedia Commons

Traveling is a fun and enriching experience, and it can also be flavorful! When planning your next trip, make sure to add these amazing destinations for food around the world to your list and enjoy the best food you possibly can.

Bon voyage!

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