Haunted houses in the USA make for a fascinating trip – you may even get the feeling of being watched!

With haunted houses and scary costumes, this is the time of year to embrace everything spooky. To start, adding one of these locations below to your Autumnal to-do list will definitely create a hair-raising experience. From haunted houses to abandoned buildings, learn about the murders and deaths that occurred at the locations while possibly coming across paranormal activity along the way!

Eastern State Penitentiary, Philidelphia, Pennsylvania

One of the most famous paranormal locations on the East Coast, this penitentiary has become one of the best places to encounter the paranormal. Employees and travellers alike have seen and reported screaming and laughing, vanishing figures, and objects moving on their own.

Some people have even reported a feeling that they felt they were being watched! Even Al Capone, one of the big names to be incarcerated here, was said to be haunted by his victims. When visiting make sure to join one of the tour groups and or go through the haunted house that has been created within the penitentiary walls.

Eastern state  penitentiary Pennsylvania

Photo: Sakeeb Sabakka via Flickr

Rio Grande Railroad Depot, Utah

What was once a bustling train station in the early 1900s is now a hot spot for paranormal stories and strange activity. Employees and visitors alike have made comments of flickering lights, vivid or shadowy figures, and sometimes reporting faint whispers.

The most common sight is the woman in the purple sequined dress who passed away on the tracks after an argument with her fiance; she appears vividly with black hair and fair skin. Other paranormal residents are more timid and will present themselves with strange occurrences such as a cold breeze or sudden movements of objects. The building is still open to the public, now holding offices for the Utah State Historical Society; reports of bizarre activity still occur!

Rio Grande Railroad Depot, Utah

Photo: vxla via Flickr

Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca, Iowa

In 1912, Joseph and Sarah Moore along with their four children and two others were gruesomely murdered in their sleep; they were among the many families killed by an unknown serial killer. Still, to this day, reports of interactions and recordings of children’s voices have taken place inside.

When visiting, day and night tours are offered for you to get your chance of a paranormal sighting. For ghost hunters and enthusiasts alike, overnight stays are also available for small groups to investigate the house. So what do you say, would you last one night inside a haunted house?

Villisca Axe Murder House, Villisca, Iowa

Photo: Jason McLaren via Wikimedia Commons

Vulture Mine, Wickenburg, Arizona

During the Gold Rush, this now abandoned town was thriving with miners and their families. Shortly after the mine was shut down, the population left town looking for better income opportunities.

Many believe this ghost town is haunted by the ‘Hanging Tree’. It is said more than a dozen thieves had lost their lives due to the punishment, but no documents say otherwise. When walking through the town keep your ears open for the sound of distant footsteps. And when walking near the tree, listen for the faint whispers of the punished thieves.

Vulture Mine, Wickenburg, Arizona

Photo: Tony the Marine via Wikimedia Commons

The Gardette-LePrete Palace, New Orleans, Louisiana

As the story goes, a man named Jean Batiste LePrete rented out his home to a Sultan from Turkey while his family went through financial troubles; this is where the nickname “The Sultan’s Palace” comes from. After months of the Sultan’s occupancy, a gruesome murder occurred in the house, killing the Sultan and his party goers.

People who live or pass by Dauphine Street have reported faint scents of incense and the sound of a music coming from the place. Those who have lived in the house throughout history have also claimed to have heard and seen things, often times feeling like they are not alone. Although this is still a private location, going on a ghost tour and hearing local stories will definitely make you believe that there is something living within those walls.

The Gardette-LePrete Palace, New Orleans, Louisiana

Photo: Arthur Koch via Wikimedia Commons

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

After losing her young daughter and her husband due to illness, Sarah Winchester moved to California for a fresh start by purchasing a large farmhouse. For most of a century, Sarah had added on 24,000 square feet to her house including 160 rooms and several kitchens. This house is a mystery because it was built more like a puzzle than a functioning house; the rumor is that Ms. Winchester built this labyrinth to fend off ghosts haunting her.

Now, it is said that she roams the halls of the house along with some of her servants. Today, workers have reported eery whispers and footsteps while on tours with guests who also experienced similar encounters. During this short and spooky season, candlelit Halloween tours are available to give you extra fright and humor while walking through this mystery haunted house.

Winchester Mystery House, San Jose, California

Photo: HarshLight via Flickr

Visit any of these haunted houses and they’re guaranteed to scare your socks off!

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