Transform your unwanted materials into something trendy with these upcycling tips.

You probably have an old sweater just sitting in your closet, waiting to be worn. If you’re thinking about just throwing it out why not try upcycling it instead? There are so many ways to re-use old items that you don’t want anymore. You can turn old, non-trendy clothing items, into a new, trendy item – saving cash and helping the planet at the same time.

What is upcycling?

Upcycling is creatively transforming products that are wasteful, useless or unwanted into new materials that are better quality or for better environmental value. Many people transform unwanted products into something more useful instead of throwing them way because it is better for the environment. This goes for clothing items as well. The more waste we put into landfills, the more CO2 emissions go up. Upcycling also helps to save money.

Turning A Long Dress Into A Top

Dresses can be hard to fit into sometimes because they can either be too small or too large. If you bought a dress that doesn’t fit you right, why not turn it into a top? There is no such thing as too many tops, and if the dress is on the larger side the top itself may be baggy so it can be a more comfortable fit. There are many ways to transform a dress into a top, but the main DIY part is to just cut the dress to the length you want your shirt to be. From there, you can add different textures and designs to your new clothing item.


Photo: Karen Arnold via publicdomainpictures

T-Shirt into Crop Top

Crop tops are a great clothing item to update your wardrobe, especially for those summer days. Upcycling an old T-shirt into a crop top is basically the same idea as turning a dress into a T-shirt. You just have to cut the shirt to the length of the crop top that you want. It’s always a good idea to measure out what length you want first so you don’t end up cutting it too short. Always leave an inch or two of space before cutting to the exact length you want just in case you want to hem the top and just in case you don’t want to cut the top anymore.

Crop Top

Photo: Geneva Vanderzeil via flickr

Baggy Non-Trendy Jeans into Super Cute Mom Jeans

Mom jeans have been really in style lately and they can pretty pricey in stores. If you have an unwanted pair of baggy jeans, you can turn them into mom jeans or you can even just cut them into the style that you desire. After you cut a pair of jeans, sometimes the fabric falls out. You can fray the edges to give your new pair of jeans some life.


Photo: Mica Asato via

Tank Top Into Tube Top

Making a tube top is relatively simpler compared to the other DIY’s. You can use an old t-shirt or an old tank top, either or all you have to do is cut off the bottom part of the top. From here, you can cut off the newly made tube top and either leave it as is or add your own twist to it. The newly cut top may not be as fitted so you might have to make adjustments by cutting the top in half vertically and sewing the top into one that will fit your size.

Tube Top

Photo: Geneva Vanderzeil via flickr

Super Large Hoodie Into A Comfy Cropped Hoodie

If you have a super large hoodie just laying around, why not cut it into a cropped hoodie? Cropped hoodies are a fashion statement that is stylish and comfortable. The hoodie you have laying around may be too large that it just looks like a dress, or overall just doesn’t fit right. No worries, just snip the bottom part away to the length you desire and you’re done.


Photo: StockSnap via pixabay

Reduce CO2 emissions and save the Earth – and with upcycling you save money while looking trendy!

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