From rafting in the Grand Canyon to cliff camping in Colorado, the choice of adventure trip America offers is incredible for thrill seekers.

Traveling doesn’t just have to be about finding a place to relax but also finding a place where your adrenaline can go sky high. Explore the vast lands of these areas and experience nature as you’ve never experienced it before. Experience an adventure trip America has on offer for an adrelanine rush of a lifetime.

Grand Canyon for Rafting

Go rafting in the Grand Canyon for a sublime experience. Behind the big giant rocks is a body of water and other rock formations that can only be reached through the Colorado River. Going rafting in the Grand Canyon on a smooth water raft tour is to be transported from Grand Canyon South Rim to Glen Canyon Dam (Lake Powell), just outside Page, Arizona. Expect hidden nooks, waterfalls and spectacular rock formations.

Grand Canyon, Colorado

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Just so you know, the can be a long as it lasts approximately 12 hours and will include lunch. This trip is not for the faint-hearted however and children under the age of four are not permitted on this trip. You can also take a longer trip starting from Diamond Creek and takeout at Lake Mead that typically are 2 to 5 days in length. You need a permits and they are available starting one year in advance and distributed on a first-come first-served basis.

grand canyon rafting

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Juneau, Alaska for the Mendenhall Glacier Canoe Paddle and Trek

This adventure offers 6.5 hours worth of experiencing Juneau in all its pure Alaskan beauty. On this adventure trip, you’ll be able to hop into a canoe and paddle your way through Mendenhall Lake to be able to embrace the awe-inspiring icebergs and waterfalls. Paddling over a glacial lake and being surrounded by snow-capped mountains is not something you’re likely to ever forget!

If you get tired of paddling and being on a canoe, you’ll be able to stretch out those legs and put them to work by stepping onto the glaciers and exploring the area with trekking poles. There is always a guide on standby so you’re safety is always reassured!

Juneau, Alaska paddling

Photo: Paxson Woelber via Wikimedia Commons

Moab, Utah for Canyoneering

If you’re interested in canyons and want to explore deeper than the outside formations, then this is the destination for you. There are tons of canyons and plateaus with incredible red rock landscapes open for exploration here, and you’ll be doing more than just walking on top of these nature made walls.

You’ll be going deeper into the crevices of the canyons and will be able to witness the beauty of mother nature’s work. Canyons and plateaus are always changing so there is always something new to witness within them.

Moab, Utah

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Estes Park, Colorado for Cliff Camping

This activity is definitely not recommended for those who have a debilitating fear of heights. Cliff camping is exactly what it sounds like, camping off of a cliff. Initially, this activity was for more experienced climbers but many elite climbers have helped open up the experience to everyone. It’s basically like dining and having fun thousands of feet above the ground.

You can enjoy some delicious meals with some fine wine and lattes all from your ‘room’ off the cliff. They do try to develop new techniques and equipment to make sure that your cliff camping experience is memorable, and of course, safe.

Estes Park colorado

Estes Park. Photo: Lea Hesting via Flickr

 Grand Staircase Escalante, Utah – Biking

The Grand Staircase Escalante is a single-track road with steep hills and steep climbs. You’ll need determination and a hardcore heart because this track is a long and a challenging one. While biking through the rigorous trail, the trail offers beautiful scenery such as red rock vistas and green mountains, lined with yellow flowers for your mountain biking view. Riding on a trail implemented on red rocks will definitely make you feel like you’re on planet Mars.

Grand Staircase-Escalante

Photo: Metate Arch via Wikimedia Commons

Kenai Fjords, Alaska for Kayaking

Fair warning, the waters in Alaska are not for beginners. The winds are strong and the wind and rainfall can be excessive. Summer storms also often push an ocean swell of three feet or more into the fjords. With this warning in mind, if you are still interested in this risky environment, then plan your next trip to Kenai Fjords.

For those who are beginners, traveling with a guide is recommended. You’ll can witness the power of a tidewater glacier and spot the marine life that makes these waters their summer home while kayaking your way through the fjords. Bear Glacier Lagoon (12 miles southwest of Seaward) offers spectacular frozen landscapes that are truly special.

Bear Glacier Lagoon alaska kayaking

Bear Glacier Lagoon Photo: NPS

Kilauea Iki Trail, Hawaii for Lava Tours

Hawaii is known for having one of the most beautiful vacation spots, and also for their volcanoes. The Kilauea Iki Trail is a four-mile loop that takes approximately 2-3 hours to complete. The trail leads to a beautiful rainforest, where you can see the wildlife that roams the area and also the stunning plants that grow there. From there, the trail will lead you to an unfamiliar substance: lava rock. You will be walking across the solid lava rock but the volcano is still very much alive and molten rock flows beneath the lava rock floor. You will also be able to see steam come out of the cracks.

hawaii lava tour

Photo: Klien via Wikimedia Commons

Jackson Hole, Wyoming for Paragliding

Get ready to fly when you plan your next adventure trip to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Paragliding is a great way to see the wonders below you as you smoothly float over Teton Village, Jackson Hole, the Teton Range and the Snake River Range. You’ll be seated in a comfortable chair harness as you make your way through the canopy. It’s always best to go paragliding with someone to experience the fun together! Going with someone might also be easier than going alone if it’s your first time paragliding. Taking those few steps to begin paragliding can always be nervewrecking.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Photo: Larry Johnson via flickr

Adirondacks, New York for Ice Climbing

Ice climbing may sound nerve-wracking at first, but it’s actually a great experience to try in Adirondacks. Ice climbing is similar to rock climbing except you need axes and crampons (a traction device that you attach to your footwear). It is important to go with people you like and trust because this activity can be dangerous. You are climbing on the ice after all. Think chandaliered waterfall ice, cliffs and ice chimneys – and you’re in a frozen wonderland. Popular spots include Lake Place and Chapel Pond Gully.

Adirondack, New York

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Get out there and have an incredible adventure trip America has to offer at these gorgeous destinations.

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