For spectacular beaches and plenty to do,  an incredible island vacation awaits on your Bermuda trip.

Bermuda isn’t generally a place that falls off the lips on people’s bucket-list destinations. It’s perhaps somewhat overlooked. But as someone who spent a good couple of weeks exploring this amazing island, I can tell you that a trip to Bermuda packs a punch. Here are my top places to visit for your Bermuda trip.

bermuda st george's island

St George’s island. Photo: James Willamor via Flickr

Horseshoe Beach

Aptly named due to the soft curving shape of the beach, the sand on this coastline is absolutely famous, as it is pink. A stark contrast to the crystal clear blue waters of the bay. The pink sand is a unique blend of red shells and coral being worn down over time. The beach is surrounded by some dramatic rock formations, so is ideal for exploring coves and caves. Horseshoe Beach is not far from Gibbs Hill Lighthouse on the south shore.

The Crystal and Fantasy Caves

This is probably my number one place to visit in Bermuda. Underground there are pathways of floating pontoons through the crystal caves, which you walk upon to take in the sights. As you do so, you’ll see hundreds of stalactites suspended above you. These have grown down over thousands of years. The Fantasy Caves guide you through the rock formations via a number of grottoes, taking you over beautifully clear bodies of water. The Crystal and Fantasy Caves are located in the Hamilton region.

bermuda Crystal Caves

Crystal Caves. Photo: Sally Allsop

The Dockyard

Bermuda’s Dockyard is located at the southern tip of the island and there is a lot to see and do there. Obviously, there’s the military connection, but it is well-worth visiting some of the other attractions there. Take the option to see glass-blowing in action and buy some beautiful pieces. You can also see the famous Bermuda Rum Cake being made and of course taste some. After you do, I’m sure you won’t be able to resist buying one to take home. There are 11 different flavours to choose from!

The Bermuda Perfumery

It is a true delight to visit The Bermuda Perfumery. During the complimentary tour, you will be told about the process of making perfume and then shown how and where Lili Bermuda perfumes ages and bottles the perfume. You can sample the different scents produced at the perfumery, with the option to buy some at the end of the tour. Lili Bermuda is located on St George’s Island, just north of the Crystal and Fantasy Caves.

Bermuda Perfumery

Photo: Sally Allsop

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

This is rumoured to be one of the best views on the island of Bermuda. At 185 steps high, I doubt many would question this. The views from the top take in the south shore, Hamilton and the Dockyard so you can get a good feel for this area of the island. After your visit, you could choose to dine in the restaurant at the bottom. A visit up the lighthouse is very inexpensive at just $2.50 and the Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is open every day.

If you’ve never considered Bermuda before, I urge you to book a trip. Apart from the top attractions outlined above, there’s much more to see and do. It truly is a paradise that must be enjoyed.

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