Whether you need a boost of energy or something refreshing to drink, here are 8 must-try healthy herbal teas.

One of the most popular form of beverage around the world, besides water, is a delicious cup of tea. From black tea to green tea, so many people from around the world are drinking tea every day. However, some tea drinkers may not realize that there are massive benefits from healthy herbal teas. From Hibiscus tea to Pu-erh tea, here are some health benefits from 8 different herbal teas.


For those who have never heard of Chaga tea, it may come as a surprise to you that this tea is grown from the birch tree. Also, Chaga tea is made from a burnt orangey, black colored mushroom. According to VeryWell health, Chaga tea is most commonly use to reduce inflammation, boost the immune system, and help reduce sugar levels. However, Chaga Tea is still in its early stages of research. So, it’s highly advised that you consult with a health professional before drinking this tea.


Originated in North Africa and Southeast Asia, hibiscus tea is described as a deep red color with a tarty taste that’s similar to the taste of cranberries. According to Dr. Debra Rose at Medical News Today hibiscus tea can reduce high blood pressure, sooth sore throats, and increase HDL cholesterol.

Hibiscus tea and hibiscus leaves

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Described as a tongue-tingling taste from a mixture of lemongrass and mint, Echinacea is the magical ingredient that provides this unique taste. Echinacea is a popular herb that’s used for health purposes. In fact, the most common people to have used this herb were the Native Americans. According to health line, Echinacea tea may help fight the flu, help manage anxiety, and lower your blood pressure. However, there are some side effects to consider so it’s highly advised that you discuss this tea with a health professional before drinking it.

Rose hip

If you’re someone who loves a unique blend of floral, sweet, and tangy tea then rose hip tea may become your new favorite drink. Along with its unique taste, the actual form of the rose hip, which is “the fruit of the rose,” provides many health benefits. According to Web MD,  the rose hip contains a lot of Vitamin C. Which is great for anyone who has Vitamin C deficiencies or who wants to protect against skin wrinkling. As for rose hip, these healthy herbal teas can detoxify the body and reduce inflammation.

Dried Rose Hips for Tea

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Dandelion tea

If you’re searching for a substitute for low caffeinated drinks, then you should consider trying the dandelion tea. According to Medical News Today, dandelion tea contains Vitamin A. Vitamin A can lead to a healthy immune system. Also, research has proven that Vitamin A can help reduce the risk of having acne too. However, there are minimal scientific evidence to back up the health benefits from the dandelion tea. Also, too much Vitamin A can become extremely risky and it cause other health concerns. Therefore, it’s highly advised that you further explore this tea with a health professional.


Pu-erh tea originated from thousands of years ago in the Yunnan Province of China. These fermented leaves can help reduce LDL cholesterol. According to Web MD, LDL cholesterol is seen as the “bad cholesterol.” So, the higher the levels of LDL is raised, the more likely you are to have a heart attack. Therefore, Pu-erh tea is a great tea to maintain these health concerns and issues. However, it’s strongly advised to speak to a health professional because every health issues may vary depending on the individual.

Pu-erh tea and tea pot

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Originally from the Mediterranean, fennel tea is one of the easiest teas to purchase because it’s sold in most supermarkets. As for the taste, fennel tea is described as a similar flavor to licorice with a subtle bitter after taste. According to health line, fennel tea may help with sleeping, reducing bad breath, and help with digestion too.

White tea

Described as a pale color tea with a light and slightly sweet taste, white tea is a great drink for anyone who wants an “easy to drink” tea. White tea has no bitterness to its taste and the aroma is less distinctive compared to green tea and black tea. As for its health benefits, health line claimed that white tea has many health benefits, such as reducing the risk of heart disease, weight lost, and protecting your teeth from bacteria.

White Tea Leaves and tea pot

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