With a whole world to explore, picking where to travel next can feel overwhelming. You only have so much money and vacation time, you have to find a way to narrow it down. Continue reading to discover the top three reasons why you should think about choosing Bali as your next big travel adventure.

The price

Let’s be honest, we all love a good deal. Bali is one of the most beautiful holiday destinations in the world, but it also happens to be one of the best in terms of value for money. Although it’s possible to stay in Bali for less than $30 (USD) per day, the average daily cost of living in Bali as a tourist is $62 (USD). Popular with backpackers, Bali is an affordable vacation spot for the savvy traveller who wants to experience luxury on a budget.

To give you some idea of prices, a McDonald’s Big Mac meal will set you back $3.15 (although we highly recommend try the delicious local food instead of a fast food chain) and a three-course meal for two at a mid-range restaurant only costs around $11.55. Since prices are so reasonable, not only could you actually be saving money by visiting Bali, but you could also end up staying for longer than you could usually afford to travel.


Bali is an adventurer’s paradise. With surfing, hiking, kayaking, gorge-walking, scuba diving, yachting, hand-gliding and parachuting just some of the many activities on offer, one thing is for sure – you will never be bored! For only $7 per day you could use your vacation to become an expert surfer (perhaps more of a competent beginner) and then you would always have an excuse to travel back to Bali to get some more lessons! Make sure to check out 1Cover’s Bali Survival Guide for more tips and tricks for getting the best out of your time in Bali, especially if you are a would-be adventurer.

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Natural beauty

Bali is one of the most beautiful parts of South-East Asia, with forests, volcanic mountains, rice paddies, coral reefs and beaches – there is something to accommodate every kind of nature lover. So, if you do get fed up of all the exciting outdoor activities or you just prefer something less strenuous, then you could always go for a stroll in the Bali Butterfly Park instead. At only $6 per person, the Park will provide you with ample opportunity to get up close and personal with some rare species of butterfly and other insects, such as the Rhinoceros Beetle.

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The Ubud Monkey Forest is another great choice if you would like to become accustomed to the local wildlife. The Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary can be found in the village of Padangtegal and features 700 monkeys, 186 species of trees and 3 sacred temples. Of course, the danger of travelling to Bali rests solely in the promise that if you visit once, you will want to visit again (and again). So if you decide to make Bali your next travel adventure, just be prepared to fall in love with the kindness of its people and the beauty of its flora and fauna.

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