Just in case you need a reminder to plan your next travel adventure, the 50 finalist photos from Agora’s #Landscape2019 international photography contest have been announced and they don’t disappoint: fasten your seatbelts and discover the best landscapes in the world.

These photos from all the corners of the world have been selected among the #Landscape2019 Photo Contest by Agora, the free-to-use photography app.
International photographers have sent in more than 25,138 submissions to the #Landscape2019 competition. The voting phase is now open to decide who will be the #Landscape2019 Hero who will win a prize of $1,000. Here are ten handpicked best landscapes in the world photos we loved:

‘Play of Nature’

Mahodand Lake in Kalam

Photo via @aliawais / Agora

Lahore-based photographer @aliawais submitted a majestic shot of the Mahodand Lake in Kalam, taken during a road-trip with his wife: “When I got closer to the lake, I saw some horses grazing in a peaceful side with the lake in background. I ran towards them as soon as got out of the car. I was lucky enough to find the perfect light that highlighted the primary as well as the secondary subject.

‘A path through the red sea’

Salin de Giraud near the city of Arles, southern France

Photo via @angiolomanetti / Agora

Roman photographer @angiolomanetti joined the competition with an outstanding aerial shot of Salin de Giraud near the city of Arles, southern France. The fascinating shades of pink and red is due to the presence of microscopic algae (Dunaliella Salina), rich in beta carotene and antioxidant activity: “I would say that it is a fascinating landscape that, thanks to a different point of view, expresses all its beauty. That red streak immediately reminded me of a vein, as if the planet laid bare its vital lymph.”

‘Tuyen Lam Lake’

Tuyen Lam Lake vietnam

Photo via @anhtrungqng / Agora

Vietnamese photographer @anhtrungqng describes this enchanting shot of the Tuyen Lam Lake: “This is the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat, a place that tourists often visit. The ferryman carries passengers from the ferry terminal to the ecotourism area, located further in the lake. In the early morning, the lake is often foggy, creating a shimmering and mysterious setting.” If @anhtrungqng were to win the contest, he’d donate a part of his prize to the ferryman and would use the rest to take his family to a delicious meal.

‘The Dutch Tulips’

dutch tulips

Photo via @cunodebruin / Agora

Dutch photographer @cunodebruin shares a cliché of one of his country’s greatest pride: the immense tulip fields. Before the shot, @cunodebruin asked the farmer if he could walk in between the flowers, as this isn’t normally allowed. Through his photography, @cunodebruin wants to show “how beautiful a country without any mountains or heights can be.”

‘Tre Cime’

dolomites italy

Photo via @carlesalonsophotography / Agora

@carlesalonsophotography snapped Italy’s prettiest mountain region, a spot for passionate mountaineers and outdoor aficionados. On June 26th, 2009, Italy’s stunning Dolomite mountains have been declared a United Nations World Heritage Site.

‘In the thunderstorm’

Hon Yen island vietnam

Photo via @dean_nguyen

Hon Yen island is famous for the unspoiled beauty of its beaches, as well as the scenic views of its coral reefs. Vietnamese photographer @dean_nguyen believes that photography is one of the most powerful tool for marine conservation.

‘Cosmic Clouds’

Mt Bromo, an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia

Photo via @donaldhyip / Agora

Melbourne-based photographer @donaldhyip entered the competition with an eerie shot of Mt Bromo, an active volcano in East Java, Indonesia. The small light trails we can see in the distant mountain are hikers making their way up for sunrise. “I wanted to convey the same sense of awe I experienced when I first saw this view. This was my 4th attempt at this location – I arrived extra early by hiking, and was incredibly lucky with the conditions. This image represents one of the most unique and epic landscapes I’ve ever seen – combined with the rolling cloud, mist and light trails, it is my own take on it.”

‘Lost in the maze’

Photo credits: @emxpi/Agora

Photo via @emxpi / Agora

With this photo of one of the best landscapes in the world, drone pilot @empxpi conveyed the message that life is simply a maze of possibilities waiting on decisions.

‘Cabin View’

Arnisee Lake road trip switzerland

Photo via @kveikjan / Agora

German couple @kveikjan took this shot of the Arnisee Lake during a road trip through Switzerland:”We wanted to pass on exactly the emotions we had that day: the silence around us, the colors in the sky and the view of the mountains made us calm. We felt so close to heaven and nature. One gets drawn into the landscape through the picture and has a feeling of being there.

‘Morning Arrival | Sri Lanka’

sri lanka train

Photo via @leemumford8 / Agora

#Water2019 Hero @leemumford8 strikes again with a beautiful snapshot of the sunrise over the iconic 9 arch bridge in Sri Lanka: “Taking a train throughout this breathtaking country is a must. In order for me to take this shot, I ventured out for 3 sunrises in a row to capture some magic low. Eventually I caught the shot that I had in mind. Sri Lanka has one of the most breathtaking landscapes I’ve ever seen.

‘Untouched paradise’

Siargao Island, Philippines

Photo via @maky&matt / Agora

This aerial shot of the Siargao Island, Philippines was taken back in may 2019 by travelers @maky&matt: “During our travels, we love to explore the unbeaten path, places people usually don’t go. That’s why we decided to rent a private local boat and explore little inhabited islands around Siargao Island. We saw this slice of paradise and were blown away by its untouched beauty! It was just hundreds of palm trees, our boat and the most crystal clear water we have ever seen. This island doesn’t have a name and it actually wasn’t on the list to go to. But we ended up spending here most of the day, just running around, getting coconuts of the trees to have something to drink and wishing we could build a hut there and live there forever.

‘Mount Taranaki, New Zealand’

mount taranaki new zealand best landscapes in the world

Photo via @superthijs / Agora

For @superthijs, a volcano, a lake and a reflection make a perfect landscape picture: “I took this shot during a 2 day hike around Mount Taranaki. I wanted to show the pure nature in New Zealand. Also, I almost destroyed my equipment on my way to the spot because I fell in a swamp with my camera!

‘Horseshoe bend, USA’

best landscapes in the world horseshoe bend

Photo via @zwemarntum

Norwegian photographer @zwemarntun relates how he snapped such a scenic photo of the horseshoe-shaped section of the Colorado river: “My brother and I drove from San Diego to Page, and arrived to Page before sunset. We went out to shoot for sunset at Horseshoe Bend but unfortunately it was a very cloudy on that day. Many photographer has left around us while my brother and I was still waiting. Then the magical happened, suddenly. The sky was on fire and I got this shot. Don’t give up, because the magical can happen anytime!”

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